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In a summer of sequels, Independence Day: Resurgence was the one that nobody seemed to want. 20 years after the fact they were going to have to bring a lot to the table. They did not. The sequel to one of the biggest summer films ever made was a huge disappointment. Which is not to say there was no entertainment to be had.

There's a repeated refrain in the Honest Trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence. 20 years later, and this is the best you could do? The sequel to Independence Day had significantly more time to put together their follow-up than your average sequel. However, when they finally did, they did so without Will Smith. The young actors brought in to replace Will Smith did not apparently resonate with viewers. Although hearing a Liam Hemsworth shouting montage is fairly entertaining if we're being completely honest.

Part of the problem with Independence Day: Resurgence had to have been the excessively long wait in between films. Two decades is an awfully long time. People who saw the first film as teenagers or young kids in 1996 had grown up and probably forgotten about the franchise. Most of those who are teenagers today likely had no connection to it, considering the first film came out before they were born. Independence Day was a big movie, but it was no Star Wars.

The trailer does point out some interesting decisions that the film made. Judd Hirsch and a bus full of orphans could actually be a great part of some movie, but probably not an Independence Day movie. The fact tat Bill Pullman's President Whitmore wasn't the rousing inspirational figure from the fist film, and neither was anybody else, surely didn't help. If fans of the original movie did check out the sequel, they likely wanted to see things like that, which they did not.

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Sequels, in general, did not perform as well this past summer as they had in previous years. There are several different theories about why that may have been. Whether there was a fatigue among audiences or these particular films just didn't work for some reason is unclear. It seems clear however, that even if you had been dying for a sequel to Independence Day, this wasn't the movie you were waiting for. It was entirely devoid of the fun that the first movie had. The lack of Will Smith appears to have really hurt the film, but the fact that he was replaced by a pair of dull, lifeless heroes didn't help matters. Many viewers were probably actively rooting for the aliens to kill everybody.

Did you see Independence Day: Resurgence? Let us know how accurate the Honest Trailer is in the comments below.