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We're currently living in a world of franchises. Movies are rarely produced without at least the slightest plan of a sequel or two, especially in the superhero genre. Case in point, Deadpool, which is perhaps the biggest sleeper hit of 2016. The hilarious superhero romp ended with a post credits scene that announced Deadpool 2, as well as the impending introduction of time traveling X-Men Cable. Deadpool 2 has been in development since, although it has been a rocky road. But now it appears that Fox and company are already planning the franchise's threequel, and it's got a concept that fans of the comics should be very excited about.

The Hollywood Reporter recently did a piece about the current state of the X-Men film universe. While address Deadpool 2's recent setbacks, THR claims that Deadpool 3 is already in the (very) early stages of development. The third movie will apparently focus on the introduction of the X-Force, so bring on the mutants. THR said the following:

And in a sign of how much faith it has in the Reynolds-starring franchise, Fox already is planning Deadpool 3, readying a filmmaker search for a storyline that will involve another X-team, X-Force, say sources.

It looks like a new team of mutants is going to be hitting the silver screen. The X-Force are coming to town. While the rumored X-Force movie is still up in the air, this is a creative way to put the team onto the silver screen in an already popular franchise.

The X-Force is a more militaristic answer to Charles Xavier's X-Men. Made up of superpowered mutants and usually led by Cable, the X-Force uses more aggressive battle strategies when dealing with their enemies. If the X-Men are local PD, the X-Force are the tactical team sent in during particularly dangerous situations. And while it will be cool to see a super effective group of heroes kicking ass, Deadpool 3 actually has the ability to include a variety of characters from other films.

deadpool 3 x-force

Many fan favorite mutants have been part of the X-Force over the years, including just about every hero we've seen on the silver screen. So who would be on the X-Force in Deadpool 3? Obviously the merc with the mouth himself, alongside Cable and Domino who will both be introduced in Deadpool 2. Personally, I'm hoping that Negasonic Teenage Warhead will be present in all three movies, eventually joining X-Force.

And in a Hollywood landscape that is all about serialized storytelling and crossovers, perhaps Deadpool 3 will see characters introduced in previous X-Men movies return for more screen time. Olivia Munn's Psylocke definitely comes to mind, as she survived the action of X-Men: Apocalypse and has a lethal way about her that Deadpool would probably go gaga over. Perhaps she'll be joined by a reformed Angel, as well as new characters we haven't seen yet.

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