Disney’s New Beauty And The Beast Trailer Is Magical And Perfect, Watch It Now

Disney has had some amazing success thus far remaking some of the animated films, but until now, they've stayed away from their most popular movies. What would it look like when they tried to tackle one of their most beloved stories? It turns out, it looks spectacular. The first trailer for Disney's new Beauty and the Beast landed this morning and it's just about the most beautiful thing we could see on a Monday morning. Enjoy!

We've seen Angelina Jolie create a pitch perfectly evil Maleficent and we've seen animals come to life in The Jungle Book. This is different. This is like Disney's animated movie just literally came to life. Everything about this looks exactly how you hoped it would look if you're a fan. The two-minute trailer is honestly not long enough. We get brief glimpses of all the major players, be they human or CGI utensil, and we get to spend a little bit more time with Emma Watson and Dan Stevens, who looks perfect as the Beast. The real star of this trailer, however, may be the music. It sits in the background almost teasing us with the familiar beats we know, without ever really giving us a full musical moment.

In a time when so many movie trailers give away everything that their film has to offer, it appears Disney is going to keep something in hiding for a bit, the music. Everybody knows the story of Beauty and the Beast, even if you haven't seen the Disney animated classic a million times. There's really nothing they can keep hidden from people in that regard. However, we know that this live-action remake will be Disney's first to follow in the footsteps of the animated version and be a full musical. However, with the exception of a few brief shots of people dancing, we see almost nothing of this side of the film.

Everything we do see looks lovely. The CGI creations of the household object, like Ewan McGregor's Lumiere and Sir Ian McKellen's Cogsworth, actually look quite remarkable. They're imbued with personality, not simply voices. Since we expect these characters to actually lead some of the musical numbers, it's important that they come across as "real" as possible. Our best looks are at Chip and Mrs. Potts, voiced by Emma Thompson, they look so lovely we would hate to drink tea from them.

Beauty and the Beast

The opinions about Beauty and the Beast around Cinema Blend have varied between "why?" and "please don't screw it up." At this point, pretty much everybody here is ready to give this one a chance. What did you think of the trailer to Beauty and the Beast? Let us know in the comments. And keep reading to see some SPECTACULAR new images from the film, which Disney released alongside this gorgeous new trailer.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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