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After watching the first trailer for Beauty and the Beast this morning, we got to see just how much of the animated classic would be represented in the live-action version. However, Emma Watson just spoke about one place where the film will be a little different. In answer to a fan question about how Dan Stevens version of the Beast was different than the one we see in the animated film, it was revealed that this Beast will actually be funny. According to Watson...

The Beast that's in our version is incredibly kind of witty and has this very dry, English, sense of humor that Dan [Stevens] doesn't have at all (laughs).

Several of the actors in the new film including Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Josh Gad and director Bill Condon took part in a Facebook Live chat where they answered submitted questions from fans. While most asked the assembled cast what other Disney characters they might like to portray, or which was their favorite Disney movie, the last question gave us a bit of insight into the character, which we don't get from the new trailer.

Beauty and the Beast

The Beast of the original 1991 animated film spends most of his time angry. He's forgotten in many ways how to be a person and he's so scared that the curse that made him that way is going to be permanent that he doesn't react to Belle in quite the way that he probably should. While we don't get any indication in the trailer that the Beast will have a sense of humor, director Bill Condon brought up the fact that Beast will have some jokes which led to Emma Watson discussing exactly the sort of sense of humor it was.

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While the animated Beauty and the Beast certainly has light moments, Be Our Guest comes to mind first and foremost, it's actually less directly funny than most Disney films. The comic relief sidekick of the film is the villain's friend La Fou, played by Josh Gad, who has less screen time than your average Disney comedy characters, like say, Timon and Pumba, or Sebastian the crab.

Having said that, we don't really see a dry sense of humor detracting much from the film's drama. Many people deal with unfortunate circumstances through humor, that's likely what we're in for with Emma Watson describing it as "dry" and "English." Expect a lot of sarcasm and snide comments from Dan Stevens' Beast.

The Facebook chat ended with a laugh over Dan Stevens character, but it very nearly started with tears. The session began with the cast watching the trailer, we're guessing for the first time, as everybody seemed to get very wrapped up in watching it. Especially Emma Watson, who looks to be full of conflicting emotions. It's sort of beautiful. Click over to the next page to check it out.

Beauty and the Beast
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