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As we've learned throughout the history of space travel, both in reality and through popular fiction, anything that can go wrong, will. Morton Tyldum's Passengers is certainly no exception, as the previously released trailer has shown quite a bit going wrong on its vessel, the Starship Avalon. Now, you can see one such incident in better detail, as Jennifer Lawrence is about to swim with danger in zero-g.

EW reported on the clip above, in which Lawrence's Aurora is just looking for a peaceful swim with a view. Unfortunately, a random gravity shortage robs her of any tranquility, as the water in the pool begins to rise in the lack of gravity, forming a gigantic, spherical liquid prison. Not even her attempt to leave this sphere is successful, as another current of pool water heads towards her at the end of the clip.

If this scene from Passengers sounds familiar, it certainly is to us, as our own Eric Eisenberg had seen a rougher cut of this scene earlier this year at CinemaCon. True to his words, this sequence just as nightmarish as he had described it, simply because it touches on so many fear triggers. If you're afraid of space travel, swimming, loss of gravity, and harm done to any Jennifer Lawrence character ever filmed, then you're going to definitely have a hard time watching this portion of _Passengers. _

With only a month and change to go until the release of Passengers, the marketing campaign is still in its slower, earlier phases. This probably means that as soon as Thanksgiving rolls around, Sony will start wheeling out the big guns in a Black Friday style blitz of ads pushing Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence's interstellar journey to the masses. Though if the chatter around the film's Black List pedigree is anything to go by, some of that money may go towards a big awards push at the end of the year. Feel free to get hyped up again, as you watch the Passengers trailer below.

Passengers brings its brand of anxiety, romance, and action to space, via your local theater, on December 21st.

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