5 Things The First Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Should Show

Tom Holland's Spider-Man was one Captain America: Civil War's best parts, even though compared to most of the film's other major players, he didn't receive that much screen time. It just goes to show that a little Spidey adapted correctly can go a long way. Now Marvel fans are looking forward to seeing this new iteration of the Web-Slinger shine on his own in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Reports and set photos have provided a general idea of what the movie will be about, but nothing beats watching a teaser trailer for a big blockbuster. Fortunately, it sounds like Spider-Man: Homecoming's first look isn't far away.

It was reported last week that the first Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer will be attached to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story with its release on December 16, which also presumably means it will arrive online a few days before that. Given how these kind of previews rarely go over two minutes, obviously Marvel will be holding a lot back, and for good reason. Why spoil all the goodies too early? There's a reason it's called a teaser. That said, here are the five things we would like to see in Spider-Man: Homecoming's first trailer at minimum.

Peter Parker

Peter Using His Intellect At School

Peter Parker was a smart guy even before that radioactive/genetically altered spider bit him. It's just a natural gift fostered by his love for science and mathematics. This was highlighted a few times in Captain America: Civil War, like Peter fixing up old pieces of technology in his bedroom, developing the web fluid on his own and his observation about how Captain America's shield doesn't obey the laws of physics. Now that we're seeing Peter back in his natural setting, that intellect needs to be shown at work in high school. The trailer should have a moment where Peter answers a question in one of his science or math classes that none of the other students can. Something along these lines was shown in the San Diego Comic-Con footage, and while a moment like this may not seem important at first, it makes it clear to casual viewers how smart the kid is. Unfortunately, his love for knowledge will also lead to...

Peter Parker

Peter Being Bullied

Peter Parker isn't a complete loner in the MCU, as evidenced by Ned Leeds (played by Jacob Batalon) and Michael Barbieri's still-unnamed character being his friends. Nevertheless, like his comic book counterpart, he's being bullied in high school, and keeping with tradition, it's Flash Thompson that's giving him the most grief. Given that Flash's new actor, Tony Revolori, isn't as physically imposing as the bully is usually depicted, it will be interesting to see whether he's pushing Peter around per usual or if they've adjusted him to be more of a verbal abuser. Whatever the case, the trailer needs to show that high school isn't a picnic for Peter due to this bullying, whether it's at Flash's hands or one of his goon friends. A bonus would be if we saw Peter briefly considering using his arachnid abilities to stop the torment, but stopping short when logic prevails and he holds back for fear of exposing his special talents.


Spider-Man Swinging Through New York

Some Spider-Man: Homecoming set photos released in late June indicated that part of the movie will take place in Washington D.C. Not to worry, though, true believers, because like many great Spider-Man stories, it looks like a lot of this movie's actions will be set in the New York City area. The closest we've seen to Spidey in action in his "natural habitat" is when Tony Stark showed that YouTube footage of Peter in his "onesie" getup during Captain America: Civil War. It wouldn't feel like a Spider-Man teaser trailer if we didn't see at least one shot of Web-Head swinging through New York City, loving the rush of the wind as he propels between buildings. Even better, show a shot or two of him fighting street criminals or stopping car crashes this early (though that would be great). If that's not in the cards, just seeing the teen in a familiar setting shooting web stream after web stream is enough to whet our appetites for a couple months.


Spider-Man's New Technology At Work

Peter Parker's assistance in the Civil War conflict didn't go unrewarded. Upon coming home, he discovered that Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man, had installed some new features into his web-shooter, including the Spider-Signal. It remains unclear what other alterations Tony made to Peter's prized pieces of crimefighting technology, but rest assured, they will be demonstrated in Spider-Man: Homecoming. We certainly don't want to see all of these new features spoiled in the previews, but for the teaser, highlight at least one of them that Peter can use out in the field. Even the Wall-Crawler shining the Spider-Signal on a band of criminals fleeing the scene would be excellent. Then show another feature in the next trailer, but save a few surprises for the movie itself, obviously. Who knows, since Robert Downey Jr is reprising Tony in the movie, maybe he'll tinker with the web-shooter again and add even more fancy enhancements.


The Vulture

Spider-Man: Homecoming will boast at least three villains: The Vulture, played by Michael Keaton; The Tinkerer, played by Michael Chernus; and The Shocker, played by Bokeem Woodbine. It's extremely unlikely that all these men will be shown in the teaser trailer, let alone be shown operating in their super villain guises. At the very least, though, we should see Vulture, the movie's primary antagonist. Seeing Keaton's character wear his winged suit and flying after Spider-Man in a heated battle would be preferable, but it's understandable if the creative team wants to save that reveal for another trailer. However this is approached, it needs to be made clear to both longtime comic book fans and people who only passingly familiar with Spider-Man that Keaton's Adrian Toomes will be the main source of trouble for the Wall-Crawler. This could be accomplished by something as simple as including a shot of a normally-dressed Keaton looking at his Vulture suit sinisterly.

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