Is Spider-Man: Homecoming Adding Yet Another Villain? Here's What We Know

Bokeem Woodbine

Right now, Spider-Man: Homecoming has two super villains: The Vulture and The Tinkerer. However, it looks like they won't be the only antagonist in the movie. Prometheus actor Logan-Marshall Green and Fargo actor Bokeem Woodbine (seen above) have previously been reported as playing baddies. While Marshall-Green's role still remains a mystery, a new report says that Woodbine is portraying Herman Schultz, a.k.a. The Shocker.

While providing new information about how The Tinkerer fits into Spider-Man: Homecoming, Heroic Hollywood named Woodbine as playing The Shocker. Just like with The Vulture, Tinkerer will supply Shocker with his special technology. If this information is correct, since Vulture has already taken the main antagonist position in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Shocker will be a secondary bad guy, but his supposed inclusion gives the movie three super villains, following in the footsteps of Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Shocker's involvement in Spider-Man: Homecoming was previously rumored by the Marvel Cinematic Universe Facebook page on Tuesday, but this new report provides a direct link to the other baddies.


The Shocker was introduced in 1967's The Amazing Spider-Man #46, but in the decades since, he's never been able to escape being one of the Marvel universe's most notorious C-list villains. With his engineering skills, he built a pair of gauntlets, known as "vibro-smashers," that can shoot concentrated air blasts. Because the feedback from the gauntlets is so dangerous, he also wears a padded costume for protection. Herman has made upgrades to the suit over the years, making him even more powerful than he was during the Silver Age (and at times, bulkier, too).

Unfortunately for him, Shocker is considered a joke by many in the superhero (and even villain) community, which means Spider-Man loves to drop an extra amount of digs his way. Shocker is also a career criminal, meaning that he's in this line of work for the money and doesn't have any aspirations of world domination or is seeking revenge against the Web-Slinger. Outside of the comics, the Herman Schultz iteration of Shocker has appeared in the '90s Spider-Man animated series, Ultimate Spider-Man and numerous video games starring the Wall-Crawler. Spider-Man: Homecoming would be Shocker's first time on the big screen, and since Bokeem Woodbine has proven himself to be a talented actor (most recently playing Mike Milligan in Fargo Season 2), he would have the chops to make the character interesting.

Tom Holland's Peter Parker will jump back into action the Spider-Man: Homecoming is released on July 7, 2017. Be sure to let us know below if you're looking forward to Shocker's possible inclusion.

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