Spider-Man: Homecoming Comic-Con Footage Is Youthful, Energetic And Awesome

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Marvel brought virtually everything on its slate to the stage in Hall H on Saturday night, closing their semi-annual presentation with a smorgasbord of footage that ranged from the spiritual and surreal (Doctor Strange) to the sublimely hilarious (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2). One project that's still very much in its infancy is Spider-Man: Homecoming, but that didn't stop Jon Watts and his young star, Tom Holland, from bringing along a very fun, high energy trailer that set the tone for Marvel's first full Spidey movie.

So, what did they show? Set to Joan Jett's bratty anthem Bad Reputation, the Spider-Man: Homecoming footage focused on Peter Parker's (Tom Holland) days at Midtown High. The words "Every Journey. Every Hero. Has A Beginning." Flashed on the screen as high-school yearbook photos of every MCU actor appeared in a mock album. After that montage, we caught up with Peter in his classes, starting at 9:30 am. But Peter is only half paying attention, as we see him: Watching highlights of his battle with the Avengers from Civil War on his laptop; creating his web fluid in a secret drawer while in a "Web Design" class; listening to the cute girls talk about how they love Spider-Man in his Phys Ed class; and staring at the prettiest girl in class during lunch... while quickly being called a loser by a scruffy Zendaya, who looks nothing like her polished, Disney Channel teen-TV beauty self.

From there, the footage breaks into a montage of action sparked by Zendaya's character asking Peter, "What are you hiding, Peter Parker?" We see shots of Spider-Man walking on a truck that racing down the highway. We see him climbing a wall. And at the end of the footage, we get a very quick glimpse at his main adversary, The Vulture.

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For a movie that'd barely been shooting for a month, this was a great bit of footage to get people used to what _Spider-Man: Homecoming _was going after. It was described as a John Hughes movie from the stage of the Hall H panel, and that's perfectly clear that it will be a high school movie, populated by modern high school clichés. But the word Homecoming has a dual meaning, as one quick shot in the action montage was of Tom Holland racing through the hall, pulling off his suit/tuxedo, and getting ready to leave his school dance and dive into action.

We're ready. Are you?! Spider-Man: Homecoming opens in theaters on July 7, 2017.

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