JK Rowling Declares Ship Names For Fantastic Beasts Characters

Fantastic Beasts Newtina

For the internet contingent of most fandoms in existence, "shipping" is wishful thinking that involves pairing off two characters that fans believe should be romantic together. While the pairings fans ship together don't always become a reality, they do tend to result in interesting nicknames. Considering Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them has introduced to two new possible couples into J.K. Rowling's wizarding world, they're going to need some creative nicknames, and as luck would have it, Rowling herself has cleared the air on what those names would be.

Through two separate posts on J.K. Rowling's own Twitter feed, Fantastic Beasts fans inquired about the correct shipping labels for Newt and Tina, as well as Queenie and Jacob. While the latter pair are the more explicit possibility, the former are a bit more complicated - especially because of Newt's documented past with former school mate Leta Lestrange. Though, we know Newt's eventually going to marry Tina (spoilers!), so in that case, the following ship name will be ours for the using in the near future:

To be fair, "Newtina" is not only a fairly easy portmanteau to remember, it's an even easier one to create. It's almost as if the more uncertainty that surrounds a pair, the easier the portmanteau is to create. Kind of puts "Brangelina" into perspective if you think of it that way. However, the pairing of Queenie / Jacob that's all but destined to be confirmed in a future Fantastic Beasts sequel is a harder nut to crack. While a fan suggested a ship name for the two spell-crossed lovers, said fan has deleted their post, more than likely in deference to J.K. Rowling's official name for the two, as seen below:

Considering that "Jakweenie" is the Rowling approved name for Queenie and Jacob, one could assume that the previously submitted fan generated ship name was "Quakob." While it's easier to say from a constructive standpoint, it sounds rather silly to say. Rather than describing a couple in love, it sounds like some sort of monster, or even a new Pokemon is to be expected when you hear the name "Quakob." Either way, "Jakweenie" is the official designation for Jacob and Queenie, and ultimately that's what's more than likely going to stick. Adjust your Tumblr posts accordingly folks, these names are ironclad, from J.K. Rowling herself. Anything else is an imitation.

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them is currently in theaters, with the sequel being framed with a November 16th, 2018 release date in mind,

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