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Sicario 2 Has Added a Transformers: The Last Knight Star

Isabela Moner Sicario

One of the most intriguing upcoming sequels has nothing to do with wizards, superheroes or even monsters... well, at least not the purely fictional kind. Soldado, the unlikely sequel to 2015's Sicario, is slated to hit theaters next year, and as such its cast continue to grow and become more interesting with each passing news story. Now it seems that the cast has officially grown by one, as Transformers: The Last Knight's Isabela Moner has officially joined the upcoming crime drama.

A new report from Deadline confirms that Soldado has officially tapped Transformers: The Last Knight star Isabela Moner to join its cast. Although specifics regarding the overall plot of Soldado remain somewhat scarce, we know that Moner will play the daughter of a drug lord who finds herself caught up in an undercover operation run by Alejandro Gillick (Benicio Del Toro) and Matt Graver (Josh Brolin). Considering the carnage we witnessed in the first film, that's probably not a great place to be.

Making the jump to a movie like Soldado represents a major career movie for an up-and-coming actress like Isabela Moner. Although she has already taken part in big budget blockbusters like Transformers: The Last Knight, Soldado marks her first true foray into the realm of adult-oriented cinema. Up until now, the 15-year-old actress has primarily starred in kids movies such as Legends of the Hidden Temple and Middle School: Worst Years of My Life. However, a strong performance in Soldado could very easily open up new careers paths and allow her tackle more hard-hitting material.

The addition of Isabela Moner to the Soldado ensemble only further establishes the strength of the overall cast. In addition to the young actress, the Sicario sequel will additionally see Benicio Del Toro and Josh Brolin reprise their roles from the first movie, and will introduce Catherine Keener in an unspecified role as well. That's a very solid cast worth getting excited about.

Josh Brolin Benicio Del Toro Soldado

However, one actress who is reportedly NOT returning for Soldado is none other than Emily Blunt's Kate Macer. Despite the fact that Kate grounded the events of the original film, the sequel will sideline Sicario's protagonist in favor of a much deeper examination of Gillick and Graver. If nothing else, this means that we can expect less musings about the morality of the drug war, and far more scenes of brutal violence on both sides of the conflict.

We will bring you all of the latest and greatest updates related to the development and production of Soldado as more information becomes available to us. The Sicario sequel is currently slated to hit theaters sometime in 2017.

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