With a new year comes new choices, new resolutions, and of course, new Netflix films to catch up on before they disappear. January 2017's crop of outgoing titles are certainly a good way to start that New Year's resolution of clearing out your Netflix queue before the company does it for you. That in mind, it's time to take our first look at next year's titles leaving Netflix, which is actually our last look at the changing landscape of the streaming giant for this year. Timey wimey stuff, isn't it? Here's what's leaving Netflix in the new year.

The Fast and the Furious/Tokyo Drift

Every time we see that trailer to The Fate of The Furious, we keep thinking what would make Dom turn to the dark side of the criminal underworld? Our best bet is probably to comb through the past films for clues, and as luck would have it, the first and third films are available for ready access on Netflix. The bad news? They're gone next month. So load up on the NoS fueled action while you still can.

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