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Listen To An Awkward Passengers Interview Get Cut Off After An Uncomfortable Sex Question


Interviewing celebrities is a tough business. You want to get them to talk about things that the public will find interesting, but sometimes things can get a little weird when you fly too close to the sun. Passengers stars Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence were recently guests on an Australian radio station when they were asked about the strangest place either of them has ever had sex. While Chris Pratt is game for the question, and Jennifer Lawrence doesn't seem bothered by it, following the question the interview is brought to a quick end. Check it out starting at about the 47:00 mark.

The interview with Australia's KIIS seemed to be going fine, for the most part. The host named Sophie is the one asking most of the questions and her questions usually boil down to "X happens in the movie, have you ever done X in real life?" in an attempt to find and interesting story for her guests to tell. As there is a sequence in Passengers when Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence start having quite a lot of sex, including on top of a breakfast table, Sophie wanted to know what strange places the two actors had actually had sex.

Chris Pratt pipes up with "airplane" almost instantly, so now we know that. He's clearly game and not embarrassed at all. Jennifer Lawrence is a little slower to answer but it would seem the reason is that she simply doesn't have an interesting answer to give. The vibe of the interview has clearly changed and the hosts remark on it until a third voice enters the conversation. It appears to be whoever is running the interview, somebody from PR either with one of the actors or the studio, who informs them their time is up. The station obviously wasn't ready for that. While it isn't clear that the question ended the interview it certainly seems that way.

If anything makes this more awkward than the sex question, it's the way the interview gets closed down in a hurry. The hosts ask if they can say goodbye, so that they can edit that in and take this difficult part out of the segment, but the actors have apparently already been taken away, off to their next phone interview or something. As such, they left the interesting part here for us to hear.

Did the interviewer go too far, or was the question no big deal? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Dirk Libbey

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