Guy Passes Out During Rogue One, Wakes Up Locked In Movie Theater Alone

Rogue One

From the sound of it, most people really like Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the first of many spin-off films based in the most popular franchise in the world. It stands to reason, then, that people were able to stay awake all the way to the end of the movie...unless you happen to be this guy. One man passed out during a showing of Rogue One and awoke several hours later alone in a dark theater. And he didn't even see how the movie ended.

According to THV11, a man in Cornelius, Oregon couldn't make it all the way through his screening of Rogue One. The man, Justin Haworth, decided to see the sci-fi blockbuster after having a few drinks at the bar -- well, it might not have just been a few. Haworth was admittedly a little intoxicated and passed out only having seen 20 minutes of the movie. The next thing he knew, Haworth woke up in a dark movie theater all by himself, barely able to see the hand in front of his face.

Haworth walked into the theater lobby, but still, not a soul to be found. He was locked in and when he tried to leave, he tripped the silent alarm. Having done nothing wrong, Haworth figured he'd wait for the police to show up and explain the situation; 20 minutes later, no police arrive. Then he decided if the police won't come to him, he'd have to give them a call. Haworth called the non-emergency line of the police department but still couldn't reach anyone.

If this were me, at this point, I'd be wondering if a Walking Dead-type scenario hadn't happened while I slept, but Haworth decided he'd have to call 911. After explaining that this wasn't an emergency and that he was just locked in a movie theater, two police officers arrived to see what was going on. The cops tried to get in touch with the theater manager and failed, but before this could become an episode of The Twilight Zone, they found an emergency exit, and Hayward finally breathed fresh air.

As of right now, the theater hasn't said anything about Justin Haworth's Night in the Theater, but given how this whole story has gone so far, that's not too surprising. It doesn't exactly paint this theater in a very positive light. Haworth must not be a big snorer to have made it through the theater check, but let's be real: nobody checked that theater.

Hopefully this whole experience won't keep Hayward from going back to see Rogue One. He didn't even get to see Darth Vader do any cool stuff! Well, he, and the rest of the world, still have ample opportunity because the film is still in theaters.

Matt Wood

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