Star Wars: Rogue One's Darth Vader Sequence In 16-Bit Is Nostalgic and Accurate

Warning: Spoilers for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story are in play. If you haven't seen the film yet, bookmark this page and come back after you've seen the film.

One of the moments that stood out the most from Gareth Edwards' Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was, naturally, the scene in the third act where Darth Vader takes out a ton of Rebel troopers as they try to defend the Tantive IV. A short, but powerful, moment that brought back some fear into the mythos of the classic villain, it was probably one of the most brutal moments of the film's entirety. If anything, the scene's true power can be seen in how much it's been recreated on the internet, which you can see in this latest, 16-bit version of the now infamous moment.

Mr. Sunday Movies brought the internet its new favorite video, and not too long after that Lego-ized version of the same scene was unveiled. Obviously, this version's greatest difference is in the fact that it's presented in a format that's more akin to the Super Star Wars games of the Super Nintendo than anything from LEGO Star Wars. Which means that the actual 16-bit soundtrack is absent from the video, replaced by the authentic 16-bit musical stylings that really sell the finished product.

Now when we say that this clip looks accurate, we're not just talking about how much it mimics that Rogue One moment we can't stop talking about. While it does match the scene's content to a tee, the game footage also looks pretty accurate to the series of video games from the Super Nintendo we mentioned earlier. How do we know this? Well, take a look at the clip above again, then move down to this Super Star Wars footage, and tell us that the Tantive IV doesn't look almost, if not completely, replicated from assets out of the original game.

At this point, we have to wonder which we want more: a high quality, official release of Darth Vader trouncing Rebel scum, or a complete video game in the style of Super Star Wars depicting the events of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Either way, fans can still get their fill of this and all the other big action that this Star Wars story has to offer, as it's currently in theaters now.

Mike Reyes
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