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The upcoming Shazam movie has developed into one of the most intriguing aspects of the entire DCEU. We've known about the project for quite some time, but we don't know much about the film aside from the fact that Dwayne Johnson will star as the villainous Black Adam. However, that may soon change, as it has just been revealed that Shazam's producers are currently meeting with DC to hash out the details of the project. Producer Hiram Garcia tweeted:

If Hiram Garcia's tweet doesn't get you excited about the prospect of new developments for the Shazam movie, then nothing will. Although the tweet does not provide too many details regarding what will specifically be announced, the post serves as confirmation that some major reveals are definitely on the horizon for this film. Say what you will about DC's movies so far, they clearly know how to get their fans excited for a project.

At this point, it remains unclear what details will come out of this impending announcement. Considering how little we actually know about the project, it could be anything. The reveals could range from a proper movie title to the first look at Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam, or even a casting announcement for Billy Batson. If that's the case, and we're about to receive another casting development, I would like to once again double down on the insistence that wrestler-turned-actor John Cena definitely deserves a shot at playing Shazam. Think about it, DC.

John Cena Shazam

Shazam has become the black sheep of the DCEU over the course of the last few years. Although the film is reportedly set within the current silver screen DC universe, it has a different creative team working on its development and production than the other DC movies, like Justice League. This seems to mean that Shazam will look and feel like an entirely different movie compared to what the DCEU has already given us. If you've found yourself turned off by the doom and gloom of the last few DC movies to debut on the silver screen, that promise should bring a huge sigh of relief.

We will bring you all of the latest and greatest updates related to the Shazam movie as more information becomes available to us. Based on this tweet, it seems that we're going to have plenty of stuff to talk about in the very near future. Shazam is currently slated to debut on April 5, 2019. Stay tuned for more details!

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