The Adorable Reason Scream Queen Jane Levy Wanted A Role In Monster Trucks

Jane Levy Monster Trucks

Over the course of the last few years, Jane Levy has become known as one of Hollywood's most popular scream queens. Between her roles in the Evil Dead remake, as well as Don't Breathe, she has proven time and time again that she can do some amazing work in the horror genre. That is what makes her latest project so fascinating. Chris Wedge's Monster Trucks is a far cry from her typical horror roles, and the actress recently told me that her decision to do the movie originally stemmed from her love of Chris Wedge's work on Ice Age. Levy explained:

I think I was 11 when Ice Age came out... That was a really important movie to me at the time. I think I saw it in the theaters like more than three times -- which is more than any movie I've ever seen in theaters. I would ride my scooter to the movie theater with my friends, and we would recite the lines. So dorky, but it was an important movie to me as an adolescent, so I was excited to have the chance to work with Chris.

As far as career-related decisions go, that is definitely a great reason to sign on for a particular movie. Monster Trucks is Chris Wedge's first genuine live-action film, and as such, the actress jumped at the opportunity to finally work with the man who played a vital role in her childhood. We cannot confirm that she rode scooters around the set and quoted Ice Age lines with her middle school friends while working on Monster Trucks, but we have a feeling that she would've if she could've.

It also seems worth pointing out that a movie like Monster Trucks simply seems like a ton of fun. It's the story of two high school students (Lucas Till and Jane Levy) who discover a subterranean creature who can power a truck. What's not to love about that premise? Chris Wedge himself has addressed the story of the film and urged audiences not to read too deeply into the overarching narrative. The film is a story designed to invoke a childlike sense of wonder, and harken back the feeling of literally playing with monster trucks as a kid. Considering the amount of nostalgia that Jane Levy went into the production of the film with, that thematic idea probably felt right up her alley from the very beginning.

CinemaBlend will bring you all of the latest and greatest updates related to the upcoming release of Monster Trucks as more information about the project is made available to us. The live-action/animation hybrid is slated to hit theaters tomorrow on January 13. Stay tuned for more details!

Check out the official trailer for Monster Trucks on the next page for an even better look at Jane Levy and Lucas Till in Chris Wedge's upcoming monster adventure!

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