One Black Panther Actor Wants To Play Green Lantern For The DCEU

The announcement that the script for Green Lantern Corps. is underway has a lot of people excited. Especially those people who would like to be cast in the film. Even people working for "the other guys" want a shot. Sterling K. Brown has a role in Marvel's upcoming Black Panther movie, but that doesn't mean he's exclusive. He'd like a shot at playing John Stewart too.

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Sterling K. Brown is a recognizable face on television. He's made guest appearances on numerous series. Most recently he won an Emmy Award for his role on The People vs. O.J. Simpson. He can currently be seen on the NBC drama This is Us. He was only recently announced as a new member of the Black Panther cast, but now he's ready to make the leap to leading his own superhero movie with Green Lantern Corps.

Sterling K. Brown would be far from a bad choice for the role of John Stewart, however, the actor is going to have some stiff competition for the part. Tyrese Gibson has been lobbying for the role for quite awhile now, and has reportedly met with Warner Bros. to discuss it already. Other actors like D.B. Woodside and Lance Gross have also made it clear that they're interested in the part. It's entirely possible that the Green Lantern casting has already been done, and we just don't know it yet.

We know that the plan is for Green Lantern Corps to focus on both Hal Jordan and John Stewart as the leads, putting together what has been described as Lethal Weapon in Space. It appears that DC will have their pick of actors when it comes to John Stewart. Less has been said about anybody interested in playing Hal Jordan. It's possible the last Green Lantern movie has some people gunshy.

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Thus far nobody has made the leap between the DC and Marvel cinematic universes, but as each one only increases in size it becomes more and more likely that such a thing will happen. At some point, somebody will play significant roles in both. It's entirely possible that John Stewart could be the role that brings this about. The fact is that Black Panther has cast so many African-American actors of note, there's a better than decent chance that there's a future John Stewart in there someplace.

Do you like the idea of Sterling K. Brown as a Green Lantern? Who do you think DC should choose? Let us know in the comments.

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