Green Lantern Corps Just Took A Huge Step Forward At DC

Gren Lantern Corps

Right now, Warner Bros has movies scheduled for the DC Extended Universe until 2020. The last movie currently lined up is Green Lantern Corps, which will explore the Emerald Knight's mythology nine years after the Ryan Reynolds-led Green Lantern movie. Besides the fact that this movie will focus on multiple Green Lanterns, there's barely been any news about the project, but today brings word that David Goyer has been tapped to write the script.

According to Deadline, David Goyer will be working with Justin Rhodes on the Green Lantern Corps screenplay. The report describes Green Lantern Corps as "Lethal Weapon in space," and it will be based on a comic book origin story. The main two characters will be Hal Jordan and John Stewart, and it's specifically mentioned that it's unclear whether Warner Bros "will reengage" with Ryan Reynolds, who played Hal Jordan before. Given Reynolds' current role as Deadpool, as well as Green Lantern Corps being previously called a reboot, it's doubtful that would happen. Goyer is also set as a producer, while Geoff Johns (who wrote Green Lantern comic books steadily for nine years) and Jon Berg are executive producing.

Green Lantern Corps is the latest entry on David Goyer's long list of superhero media credits. On the Marvel side of things, he wrote all three Blade movies, directed Blade Trinity and executive produced the two Ghost Rider movies. Over at DC, he wrote Batman Begins and Man of Steel, co-wrote Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and was given story credits for The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. He also co-created the short-lived Constantine TV series, and is currently working on Syfy's Krypton series. So Green Lantern Corps will have him back in the familiar DC territory, but this time, the action will be set mostly, if not completely, out in space.

As far as the origin story aspect goes, since Green Lantern Corps reportedly stars Hal Jordan and John Stewart, I suspect the latter would be the one who will be the newbie. Besides the fact that Hal helped show John the ropes in the comics, we already saw Hal's origin told in the 2011 Green Lantern movie. While it'd be fine if there was a flashback showing him meeting Abin Sur, it's not as necessary to go over that in full detail again. As for the Lethal Weapon in space aspect, that's a great tone for the movie. The Green Lanterns are basically intergalactic beat cops, each assigned to protect a sector of the universe, so Hal and John could certainly have a Murtaugh and Riggs-like dynamic while they're patrolling Sector 2814.

Green Lantern Corps is set to hit theaters on July 24, 2020, although it's rumored a Green Lantern will show up later this year in Justice League for a key sequence. Stay tuned for more details!

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