The Animated Spider-Man Movie May Feature Another Unexpected Superhero

Ultimate Spider-Man

The year 2017 will be a big one for Spider-Man. Not only will we see the character's first solo film set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the next 12 months will also be key development time for the superhero's first theatrically-released animated feature. As of right now, we really don't know much about the latter, and expect some big information soon, but one rumor that is going around is that it will feature a part for the Marvel Comics hero/villain known as The Prowler.

A reporter for The Wrap has posted to his social media account that he has been hearing buzz from unnamed sources about the possibility of The Prowler being included in the untitled animated Spider-Man movie - set to be the directorial debut of animation veteran Bob Persichetti. The news is very thin, as there isn't even any information about the size or significance of the part, but it does open up some interesting ideas regarding what the film will be about.

The original version of The Prowler - real name Hobie Brown - was introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man #78 back in 1969, and was featured as a villain. Brown was a young engineering specialist who turned to a life of crime after being fired from his job, creating a special suit in the process. His plans went awry when he had an encounter with Spider-Man, but the fight wound up changing his life, and he decided to use his skills for good. It's entirely possible that we could wind up seeing this incarnation of the character in the animated movie, as he can really be slotted into any Spider-Man story, but would be much more interesting is if this report links up with previous rumors that have said the 2018 blockbuster would be centered on the Miles Morales Spider-Man.

Miles Morales Ultimate Prowler

In the Ultimate Marvel comics where Miles Morales is featured, The Prowler is a key character because he is actually Miles' uncle, Aaron Davis, and a major part of his superhero origin story. Like Hobie Brown, Aaron is a cat burglar, and while breaking into Oscorp a radioactive spider sneaks into his duffel bag. This same spider winds up biting Miles and turns him into Spider-Man. In addition to having encounters with different notorious Spidey villains as The Prowler, Aaron is also one of the few people who discover Miles' secret, and becomes an interesting threat as a result.

The animated Spider-Man movie was first announced last spring - set to be scripted by Phil Lord and Chris Miller - and while it's taking some time to come together, we're now a little less than two years away from its release. Sony Pictures Animation has scheduled the film to come out on December 21, 2018, and you can be sure to find all of the latest updates and news about it here on Cinema Blend.

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