Green Lantern has been a staple of DC Comics history for decades, but the 2011 Ryan Reynolds-led movie didn't fare well among most audiences. Nevertheless, the mythology is getting a second chance in 2020 thanks to the DC Extended Universe, as revealed back in late 2014 during the franchise's initial slate announcement. Fast-forward to last week, when it was reported that David Goyer and Justin Rhodes are writing Green Lantern Corps, and that the story will see Hal Jordan and John Stewart teaming up in a "Lethal Weapon in space" styled story.

Now that things seem to be progressing faster on Green Lantern Corps, it's a good time to start speculating on what the movie could look like. We've already provided suggestions on how DC and Warner Bros can make Green Lantern Corps perfect, and today we have our top picks for best villain candidates, keeping in mind this story will revolve around multiple ring-slinging protagonists and that most, if not all, of the action will take place away from Earth.

Sinestro Corps

Mark Strong's Sinestro never had the opportunity to fully cross over to the dark side, so Green Lantern Corps shouldn't wait on making their Sinestro a villain. But why stop there? For the last decade, the Korugarian has been leading his own army of ring-slingers: the Sinestro Corps, a.k.a. the Yellow Lanterns. Using the same Qwardian technology that Sinestro has been using for years, the Sinestro Corps members' rings are powered by fear, and only individuals who are capable of instilling great terror into others are selected to wear such a ring. While most of the Corps are filled with despicable creatures, Sinestro sees his Corps as the only way to instill order throughout the universe, something he believes the Green Lantern Corps failed with. So in his eyes, he sees his Corps as a force for the greater good, making them the perfect foil for the next Green Lantern movie. Using the Sinestro Corps in Green Lantern Corps also opens the door to adapt Parallax, the fear entity, correctly this time around.

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