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A New DC TV Show Is Coming, Here’s What We Know

DC may not be killing in the movie department right now, but if there's one area where their superheroes are thriving, it's on television. The company has not only built an entire shared universe over on the CW, but they've also got shows like Gotham on Fox and the upcoming Powerless on NBC. If all these shows weren't enough for you, then you'll be happy to know that with the new year, a new DC property is in development to hit the airwaves. Geoff Johns himself teased the future project last night.

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DC's chief creative officer, co-head of DC Films, and comic book writer extraordinaire Geoff Johns took to Twitter on New Years Eve to share some news about what superhero fans have to look forward to from DC in 2017. In addition to sharing his excitement about the Wonder Woman film (which he produced), and that he would be making a return to writing comics (yes please), Johns revealed that a new DC property will be hitting the airwaves. He was coy on the details of what the project is about, but he promised that an announcement would be made soon.

It's too big of a job to try and narrow down the dozens upon dozens of different characters this potential show would focus on, but there are some options. For starters, I don't think we're looking at another CW show. Despite the fact that Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl are all tagged in Johns post, so are DC shows on other networks like Gotham and Lucifer. Plus the Arrow-verse is already compromised of four shows playing four nights a week. Adding one more to make an entire weeks worth of television might be one step over the line into overindulgence; one network can play only so many superhero shows.

If that's the case, then we could be looking at DC shows on other channels like Fox or NBC, though it's also possible one of the cable channels could be looking to get into the superhero game. The prospects for this project are next to limitless right now; it could aim for a more classic superhero format like The Flash or it could try to take a different angle like Gotham or Powerless. There's also no guarantee that this will focus on a DC superhero in the classic sense. Lucifer, for example, originates from the Vertigo imprint of comic books, which is owned by DC.

You might drive yourself batty trying to guess what the show could be about, but there's nothing stopping you from HOPING what it will be. Sound off in the comments what you'd like this new DC project to be about and what channel you'd like it to be on.

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