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Believe it or not, Daddy's Home isn't another one of those movies the Mandela effect erroneously convinces the internet it exists. Nor was it an SNL sketch during a guest hosting stint with Will Ferrell or Mark Wahlberg. It was an honest to goodness movie, and it actually made some money: $240.4 million to be exact. Apparently this was enough for Paramount to officially greenlight Daddy's Home 2, and it looks like they're trying to pull out the big guns in the supporting cast. In particular, John Lithgow and Mel Gibson are being made offers to join the Ferrell/Wahlberg madness.

Deadline broke the fairly recent news that Lithgow and Gibson's names have come up in the early talks for Daddy's Home 2, with no specific roles listed at the time of negotiation. Though it's not hard to assume that they'd be playing the fathers of Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, respectively, which would only amp up the chaos in the sequel. After all, if Ferrell v. Wahlberg wasn't chaotic enough for folks the first time, John Lithgow and Mel Gibson going head to head should be the bigger draw that folks need to either return to or start the Daddy's Home series.

The Accountant John Lithgow

Both Mel Gibson and John Lithgow are coming off of some pretty big resurgences in their career. In Gibson's case, he has earned critical acclaim from Hacksaw Ridge, and that has given him the prestige season juice needed to make a prospect like Daddy's Home 2 a lucrative one. And when you look at Lithgow's past year, you'll see his award-winning portrayal of Winston Churchill in the acclaimed Netflix series The Crown, as well as roles in The Accountant and Miss Sloane helping bump up his profile. With the recent good fortune in both actor's corners, Daddy's Home 2 looks like it could be a mutually beneficial prospect.

Hacksaw Ridge Mel Gibson

While Daddy's Home may have been a mid-road success, there's a possibility that said success could have emboldened the folks behind Daddy's Home 2 to ramp up the madness. With bigger laughs and more chaos in the works, having two men known for their comedic skills and their own on-screen bouts of madness would be just the thing to give Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg a run for their money. Here's hoping John Lithgow and Mel Gibson are signed soon, as that may speed up the process to making the film a reality.

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