What A Deadpool And Wolverine Team-Up Movie Might Look Like In The 1980s

With Hugh Jackman hanging up his claws after Logan's theatrical release this March, it looks like that big team-up with Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool is never going to happen. At least, it's never going to happen officially, as an intrepid YouTuber has stepped into their own dimension jumper and brought us proof that not only did Reynolds and Jackman indeed team up in another universe, it happened in the 80's. Check out the fan-made trailer to Deadpool and Wolverine, courtesy of the magic window below.

You can thank the folks at We Got This Covered for sharing this look at what could have been the biggest blockbuster of 1988, were any of the participants at the right age to make it happen. Still, as far as fan-made wish fulfillment is concerned, Deadpool and Wolverine does it perfectly! Right from the beginning, with the old school Marvel logo used with the TV projects of the era and the 20th Century Fox logo being equally dated, we're taken into a fuzzy dream of VHS glory. We learn the X-Men need Wolverine and Deadpool to stop who might be their deadliest common foe: Mister Sinister.

That's right: while the real life Marvel / Fox collaboration has been wondering how to use Mister Sinister in its cinematic canon, Deadpool and Wolverine has decided to use him as a villain so powerful, the two smartasses need to work together. Even better is the fact that this fan-created film has done us all a solid and casted a damned fine candidate in the role of lead baddie. Say hello to Mads Mikkelsen as the hypothetical Mister Sinister.

Deadpool and Wolverine Mr. Sinister

Perhaps the greatest indicator of just how well Deadpool and Wolverine would fare in the 80's is the fact that this trailer is heavily influenced by the Lethal Weapon franchise. Both the theme song to the famed buddy cop franchise, as well as its writer, Shane Black, are both factors that play into the video we've just watched. While the theme is more explicit in its presence, if you look at the faux credit block at the end, Black is in fact directing. So to recap: Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman battle Mads Mikkelsen, in an 80's buddy mutant film directed by Shane Black? That's heaven, folks. Pure heaven.

While this heaven doesn't exist in our world, we do at the very least get to see Logan after it opens on March 3rd. Still, if there was any reason we'd try to convince Hugh Jackman to pop the claws one last "last" time, it'd be Deadpool and Wolverine.

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