It's tough to write, let alone even comprehend, that Hugh Jackman's tenure as Wolverine is close to coming to an end. But the Australian has already confirmed that Wolverine 3 will be the last time that he dons the famous claws and sideburns.

It is kind of understandable, considering that Wolverine 3 will mark the eighth time that Hugh Jackman has played Logan over the course of the last 17 years. Obviously this means that Hugh Jackman has no option but to go out in spectacular fashion.

But with the Wolverine 3 release date now less than a year away, we're still a little in the dark about who will be joining Hugh Jackman in the film, its rating, and when production will actually begin. So, what better time to lay out everything that we know about Wolverine 3, and try and figure out what's going to feature in the latest adventure for everyone's favorite mutant?

What Is The Wolverine 3 Release Date

Currently Wolverine 3 is pencilled in for a March 3, 2017, release date. This could be pushed back, though, if there are any problems with its production, but I'll speak more about that later. What sort of box office reaction can 20th Century Fox expect for Wolverine 3? Well if 2016 is anything to go by, then they could be on to a winner. 20th Century Fox is still ruffling through receipts for the $750 million-plus grossing Deadpool. This blockbuster managed to gross this sum despite being released in February, which is usually considered a cinematic wasteland. Meanwhile, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice kick started the 2016 summer blockbuster season earlier than usual with its March 25 release, and it has even managed to overcome mediocre reviews to already take in over $686 million in less than two weeks. This proves that a March 3 release date could be lucrative for Wolverine 3, especially since there are currently no scheduled releases for the weekend before. However, its returns could be quickly stagnated, as it will be followed the week after by Kong: Skull Island, while Baby Driver, Beauty And The Beast, Knights Of The Roundtable, and Power Rangers will each follow before the end of the month.

What Is The Wolverine 3 Rating

Another way that Wolverine could be inspired by the release of Deadpool is with its rating. 20th Century Fox was so nervous about allowing Deadpool to be R-rated that they reduced its budget to just $58 million. Which is a pittance when it comes to a superhero film. Obviously,Deadpool went on to monumentally prove these naysayers wrong. And, the repercussions from its success could be huge for the superhero genre. In fact, there have been several rumors already that 20th Century Fox is willing for Wolverine 3 to follow in Deadpool's foot steps and be released as an R-rated film. Speculation first began in February when a pamphlet at the New York Toy Fair, reportedly distributed by Fox, insisted that the film would be rated R. A week later it was alleged by The Hollywood Reporter that Michael Green's script for Wolverine 3 possessed a level of violence and foul language that means the film is almost guaranteed to receive such a rating. Rather than being in response to Deadpool's box office haul, though, it's believed that Fox had been planning a more mature film before February. However, it clearly helped to validate their decision.

What Is Wolverine 3 About

It's been widely speculated that Wolverine 3 will take at least some inspiration from "Old Man Logan" which was released back in 2008 after being written by Mark Millar and drawn by Steve McNiven. "Old Man Logan" revolves around an older Wolverine who has, long ago, renounced his violent habits. Wolverine then travels around the United States and deals with a variety of Marvel villains. Which would be a wonderful way to bring Hugh Jackman's tenure to a well-rounded conclusion. However, it's likely that Wolverine 3 will only partly be inspired by this story as Marvel Studios owns most of the characters that are included in "Old Man Logan". What Hugh Jackman has confirmed is that Wolverine 3 won't take place in an X-Men time that we've already seen, while he has also insisted that it "does draw on some comic book stuff." Meanwhile, just earlier this week, Hugh Jackman was asked by MTV International whether Wolverine 3 would revolve around the "Old Man Logan" comic-book, but he refused to either confirm or deny this speculation. Instead he just revealed that he has read that specific series. In fact, he admitted that he's pretty much leafed through all of the Wolverine comics at this point, before then adding, "It would be no fun if you knew what it was all about." The bloody tease.

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