To 3D Or Not To 3D: Buy The Right LEGO Batman Movie Ticket

The LEGO Batman Movie

If you're an important movie, you're going to have a 3D release. I mean, two dimensions are fun, and a lot of Oscar-nominated stuff gets that treatment, which is fine. But if you're going to convey the pathos of a LEGO-built version of a superhero with deep, dark issues, you need a pair of grey and black-lensed glasses to see into that brick man's soul. So if you thought The LEGO Batman Movie was going to skip the third dimension, then you're clearly ready for a trip to Arkham Asylum.

But is the 3D version of The LEGO Batman Movie any good? Well, that's what we're here to discuss on "To 3D or Not To 3D," the column that helps you spend your movie money in a way that the Caped Crusader, or his roommate Bruce Wayne, would approve of. If you're more interested in finding out how we liked the movie, you can read that in our official review here. Otherwise, fasten your cape, and put on your face armor thingie, as we put The LEGO Batman Movie's 3D formatting to the test.

Since The LEGO Movie showed us what the world famous building system would look like in cutting edge computer animation, the sky has been the limit for what could be done with bricks made of pixels. Not only is The LEGO Batman Movie one of the perfect examples of an animated movie being imported to the 3D format, it's definitely the epitome of the type of film that'd contain a lot of visual elements to dazzle the eye.

With certain movies, you can tell that there was a lot of work and effort put into the 3D effect. You can easily fake a third dimension to an image, but to genuinely convey the depth and excitement that comes with a good 3D movie, you need to know what you're doing. The team behind The LEGO Batman Movie really knew what they were doing, as the effect leads to some visually spectacular scenes of animation, and some of the smoothest action sequences ever put into 3D.

Batman movies tend to explode, catapult, implode and smash everything and anything they can get their hands on. The LEGO Batman Movie is certainly no exception, and it delivers on all fronts in full. Noteworthy effects that fly out at the audience include, but are not limited to, Phantom Zone rays, various display monitors, LEGO pieces and explosions, and, in a particularly harrowing sequence, a chain of heroes holding on for dear life. All the while, it's coming at you crystal clear.

Ever wanted to know what the gaping abyss below Gotham City looked like? For those curious, it's a candy colored, mutli-shaded chasm that has no end. At least, that's what it looked like in some of the more climactic scenes of The LEGO Batman Movie. This is just one of the prime examples of how depth is used in this film, and to great effect, as everything from action and flying sequences to just plain old dialogue heavy scenes are given the scope that the Batman world demands. Seriously, that chasm was pretty sweet looking.

For a movie like The LEGO Batman Movie, it could be extremely easy to be dark and dreary. I mean, it is a Batman movie, and darkness is his thing. And while the film does revel in its darker shades of the various colors of Gotham City, it never gets so dark that you can't see a thing. In fact, the color quality of the film is rather impressive, as it's still very clear to make everything out, and in beautiful detail. Your mileage may vary though, as some theaters may not calibrate their projectors properly between 2D and 3D showings, which can effect the brightness of any film.

There is blur for days on display in this flick! For The LEGO Batman Movie's duration, you can take your glasses off and see some strong blurring effects throughout, with front and center elements taking a softer blurring for contrast. It really helps to see this level of blur in a 3D picture, because chances are it means that the 3D presentation is, at the very least, going to feature a good amount of depth in its picture.

It's rare to say a 3D film is "smooth as silk." Most of the time, just not getting sick or having our eyes wonk out is enough to make for a great viewing experience. But The LEGO Batman Movie has some of the smoothest picture any 3D movie could dream of. Again, the flying sequences with various Bat-vehicles, as well as the sequences involving master building, are easy to watch, as well as acting as some of the most spectacular visuals CGI animation can provide.

The LEGO Batman Movie is the type of movie that's well worth the 3D upcharge. A rare perfect example of the 3D format used properly, the whimsy and pathos of the film is only amplified by the pitch-perfect visual depth and dimension that the third dimension has imbued upon this already superb film. Whether you're going out with friends or bringing your kids for a day at the movies, put the money down to take a 3D journey into comedy and darkness with The LEGO Batman Movie.

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