The LEGO Batman Movie Has Its Own Song, And It’s Hilarious

Will Arnett's Batman in The LEGO Movie wasn't just a super cool crimefighter who everyone adored and wanted to be like (at least in his mind). He also was an amateur songwriter, composing himself a theme song with such iconic lyrics as "Darkness!" and "No parents!" For The LEGO Batman Movie, the brick version of Bruce Wayne decided to leave the songwriting to others, but fortunately, the movie has an even better song to spotlight the Caped Crusader called "Who's The (Bat)Man."

Sung and written by Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump, "Who's The (Bat)Man" highlights everything we love about Gotham City's most famous vigilante in rock anthem form, and even better, also bears some resemblance to the 1960s Batman TV series theme. From the cool gadgets and the "tricked out ride" to his impressive muscles and being a billionaire, there's a lot to idolize about Batman. It's like that classic saying goes: always be yourself! Unless you can be Batman. Then always be Batman. The song even touches on some of his lesser-known qualities, like always paying his taxes. What's especially great and hilarious about this song is that Stump sounds almost exactly like Will Arnett's deep-voiced Batman. So don't be surprised if during The LEGO Batman Movie, the Dark Knight pulls out a microphone and starts rocking to "Who's The (Bat)Man." After all, people can't truly know how great he is until it's revealed in lyrical form.

Of course, "Who's The (Bat)Man" isn't the only original song that will be playing during The LEGO Batman Movie. If you head over to the WaterTower Music (Warner Bros' music label) YouTube page, you can listen to some of the other tunes that will play, like "Friends Are Family - Oh Hush!" feat. Will Arnett and Jeff Lewis, and Alex Aiono's cover of "Man in the Mirror." If you're more interested in the score that will play during scenes, you can also check out some samplings of composer Lorne Balfe's tunes.

Paying tributes to decades of Batman history both from the comic books and other media, The LEGO Batman Movie will see the Caped Crusader battling The Joker, who has brought together Gotham City's greatest villains (and "a few" D-listers thrown in there, too) to invade the metropolis and destroy its protector once and for all. Fortunately, Batman won't be alone, as he'll have his trusty butler Alfred and new partners Robin and Batgirl to aid him in his never-ending battle against the superstitious and cowardly lot. Oh, and just like in The LEGO Movie, be on the lookout for some characters from other areas of pop culture.

The LEGO Batman Movie assembles itself in theaters this Friday, and click here to read our review of the movie.

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