Could Ridley Scott Direct Ben Affleck’s Solo Batman Movie?

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No DC film currently in development has us more simultaneously anxious and excited than the solo Batman movie. Ben Affleck has done some amazing stuff with the character so far, but his departure as director of the project does not necessarily bode well for The Dark Knight's silver screen future. That said, many intriguing replacements have been considered by Warner Bros. and DC since Affleck stepped down, and now it seems that Ridley Scott and Fede Alvarez may actually be on that prestigious list.

According to a report from THR, the selection process for the solo Batman movie's new director has become considerably more narrow recently. In addition to Matt Reeves (who currently stands as the frontrunner for the project), Sir Ridley Scott and Fede Alvarez' names have both been put on the table as possible choices to helm the project. Ben Affleck leaving the project was obviously a huge blow to the film, but I have to admit, these options all make for some seriously intriguing replacements.

Picking Ridley Scott to direct the solo Batman movie could genuinely represent a stroke of genius if the studio gives him the right amount of creative freedom. His work on Blade Runner established his ability to create a palpable noir atmosphere for a gritty crime drama, and he proved his ability to craft a solid slasher outing with the first Alien film. Replace the Xenomorph with The Caped Crusader, and you have got a recipe for a phenomenal Batman movie. That said, Ridley Scott's recent filmography leaves a bit to be desired. He has arguably directed more mediocre (or polarizing, at the very least) movies than good movies over the course of the last decade, so giving him the keys to the DC kingdom is far from a guaranteed success.

Alien Evil Dead

Then there's Fede Alvarez -- who has never directed a film like this before. Despite his inexperience with big budget movies, I wouldn't rule him out as a good option. His work on the Evil Dead remake was surprisingly effective, so he knows how to work within an established universe that possesses a rabid fanbase. Beyond that, his work on Don't Breathe is a master class in suspense filmmaking, so he could be the perfect choice for a tense, contained thriller. If you swap out The Blind Man's house from Don't Breathe for Arkham Asylum, you could have a unique adaptation of Grant Morrison's A Serious House on Serious Earth. That is something that any Batman fan should get interested in seeing.

At this point, it is still anyone's guess as to who will take over as director of the solo Batman movie. Matt Reeves seems like the safest bet, but these other options are genuinely fascinating. We will bring you more information as new updates become available to us.

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