Is A Logan End-Credits Scene Being Added At The Last Minute?

Movie fans know that when a Marvel movie is on the screen, you don't leave your seat until the theater employees start sweeping at your feet. Superhero movies are known for their end-credits scenes, which more often than not provide the first tease to the Next Big Film. Marvel Studios will always have one, but sometimes it isn't as obvious with the other studios. In the case of next month's Logan, it was unclear if the movie would include a stinger, but word on the street is that Fox has added footage to the film, which has lead to some speculation that it's an after-credits scene.

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According to a tweet from Mike Sampson, Fox has updated the runtime of Logan to be three minutes longer than what it was when it screened for critics earlier this week. Adding just three minutes seems like a relatively arbitrary amount unless you consider that after-credits scenes are roughly three minutes long. It makes sense that Fox would opt to keep some cards close to their chest and hide an end-credits scene from screenings for risk of spoilers. As far as the credibility of the source goes, Mike Sampson used to run ScreenCrush and now works for Alamo Drafthouse. He has a pretty good window into behind-the-scenes dealings like this.

Just because it's fun, let's assume that Logan will have an after-credits scene. Usually, after-credits scenes set up the next film in the franchise, be it a direct sequel or just the next movie in the schedule. With that in mind, just what exactly would a Logan after-credits scene even be? Logan is pretty heavily separated from the other X-Men films, taking place far in the future where mutants are close to extinction. It doesn't really make much sense for it to set up, say, the rumored X-Men: Supernova or Deadpool 2 (though there is some wiggle room on that last one thanks to 4th wall breaking).

From what we've heard of Logan so far and considering that this is Hugh Jackman's last time as Wolverine, the movie seems finite and doesn't exactly open itself to sequels. Unless the end-credits set up something like an X-23 movie, it's hard to imagine what a sequel to Logan would even be about.

If there is one, then the end-credits scene could just be a fun stinger that doesn't exist for any sequel or spin-off. Think of Thor: The Dark World, where it ended with that alien monster still loose on Earth. That was just a fun scene to end the movie with if, admittingly, not worth sitting through the credits for. Logan could end with something like that but it's impossible to guess what that scene would be. Personally, my vote is for a Deadpool cameo. Maybe even... Cable?

We'll all know if Logan has an after-credits scene when the movie hits theaters on March 3.

Matt Wood

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