New Logan Image Focuses On X-23

The marketing for Logan has completely amped up to 11 after the release of its first trailer. New images showing off characters like Stephen Merchant's Caliban or a severed arm have kept fans invested in the general mystery surrounding the film. One of the biggest questions has been Dafne Keen's role, as she plays a young girl that calls Wolverine back into action. Many people have speculated the identity of her character, and now Logan has officially confirmed that she will be paying X-23.

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This photo comes from the official wponx Instagram account with a caption that simply reads "Laura." Laura is the name of X-23, a clone of Wolverine that shares his metal claws and healing factor. Fans have been speculating that this was the character Dafne Keen was playing since almost day one; and though it may not surprise to many, it's still exciting to have it confirmed. Judging by the heavy shadow on half her face, X-23 might not be the innocent little girl she appears to be.

There's still plenty we don't know about Dafne Keen's Laura, though. For starters, what are her origins for this version of the character, and how does she end up with Logan? What exactly is their goal, and why does Logan have to protect her? It'll probably be a while before we see a true shot of her claws, but this quick shot from the first trailer might already be teasing it. Those sure look like adamantium claws.


Laura Kinney, otherwise known as X-23 debuted in the animated series, X-Men: Evolution. She's the 23rd and only surviving clone of Wolverine created by the Weapon X program. She was created to be a killing machine, but Wolverine eventually found her and began to teach her that she was more than just a weapon. X-23 has since become a popular character in Marvel fandom, having made the jump to comics some time ago. She's currently the new Wolverine, having taken up the mantle when Logan died. Being a clone of Wolverine, she shares his amazing healing factor as well having claws of her own (she only as two one each hand, but she's also got one in each foot).

X-23 usually suffers from the same berserker rage as Logan, so we'll see if she's just as wild a fighter as him when Logan rolls into theaters on March 3, 2017.

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