There are some significant changes taking place over at DC right now, and the latest development is arguably one of the most interesting ones that we have seen in months. Decades after his initial introduction into DC Comics, Dick Grayson's older alter ego of Nightwing will finally make his way to the silver screen for a solo movie of his very own under the direction of The LEGO Batman Movie's Chris McKay. It's a phenomenal development for the superhero genre as a whole, and for longtime fans of the greater Batman mythos, it's the culmination of years of anticipation.

On that note, we have taken it upon ourselves to put together a list of well-known actors that could easily step into the role of Dick Grayson. Some of these actors are primarily known for their work on television, while others have experienced long careers in film, but all of them have proven that they have what it takes to take on Bruce Wayne's first son. Now let's kick this off with an actor who is no stranger to the DC Universe.

Robbie Amell

While Robbie Amell's cousin Stephen has seen great success portraying the dark and brooding Oliver Queen on The CW's Arrow, his take on Firestorm (and Deathstorm) has been somewhat hit or miss. However, I think The Flash actor may be able to find redemption taking on an entirely new DC hero as Dick Grayson. Robbie Amell certainly has the look to portray Nightwing, and (at least compared to his cousin) he plays whimsical and charming better than he does dark and somber. If DC wants a lighthearted Dick to counterbalance Bruce's overwhelming darkness, then Mr. Amell seems like a perfect candidate for the job; all they need to do is swap out the Firestorm Matrix for a set of Escrima sticks and a domino mask.

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