Over the course of 2016, we saw a wide variety of fantastic new TV series debut. From The Crown to Luke Cage to Pitch, television continued to double down on the notion that it's becoming the landscape where some of the best modern storytelling takes place these days. That said, arguably no show epitomized that idea more than Donald Glover's FX darling, Atlanta. From the very beginning, we stood by this series, and we continue to believe that it's genuinely unlike anything currently on television.

With that in mind -- and considering Atlanta's recent recognition from the Golden Globes -- we think it's time to break down exactly why this series has struck such a profound chord. If there is one new show from 2016 that you should currently be watching, it's Atlanta, and we're going to lay out the reasons why it's an absolute revelation. To kick things off, we need to address the fact that Atlanta never fails to defy our expectations and try something new through its storytelling...

Every Episode Is a Reinvention

If you're sick of television that regularly adheres to a strict formula over the course of a given season, then Atlanta should feel right up your alley. The show seldom uses the same narrative structure twice, and if it does it usually finds a fresh way to utilize it the second time around. Protagonists can change from episode to episode with a somewhat loose regard for a continuity beyond makin' that paper, and it's always jarring yet brilliant. One episode from Season 1 exclusively followed Van as she tried to weasel her way out of a drug test at work, and the very next installment in the series was a satirical "show within a show" following Paper Boi as he made a guest appearance on a local talk show. The lack of a set formula ultimately makes Atlanta endlessly malleable and infinitely enjoyable.

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