One TV Star Wants To Play Nightwing In The DCEU, And He’s Perfect

This week was a particularly exciting one for DC fans. Because the folks behind the DC Extended Universe announced Ben Affleck's replacement as director of the Batman solo film, while Batfleck himself made it clear he was still planning on wearing the cowl in the untitled film. And to add Bat-icing to the Bat-cake, DC announced that a Nightwing movie was in the works, with The Lego Batman Movie director Chris McKay behind the chair. Since then, basically everyone on the internet has recommended their favorite actor for Dick Grayson. And now one TV star has officially put his name into the equation.

Following the announcement of the untitled Nightwing movie, Gilmore Girls and Supernatural actor Jared Padalecki got plenty of tweets from fans asking if he'd like to play the role. He eventually responded, and the answer was a resounding yes.

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Well, there we are. Sam Winchester is ready to join the Batfamily and kick villain ass in Gotham City, Bludhaven, and beyond.

Jared Padalecki is actually a pretty great choice for Nightwing/ Dick Grayson. In fact, CinemaBlend's own Conner Schwerdtfeger put Padalecki on his list of top Nightwing choices. Obviously the reason behind his is his long tenure on The CW's Supernatural. The fantasy horror series is currently in its whopping 12th season, so he's been fighting bad guys and kicking ass for over a decade. This type of pedigree will surely come in handy in the DCEU, as Ben Affleck's action in Batman has included some quick and fantastic fight choreography.

jared padalecki in supernatural

Of course, it's also possible that Jared Padalecki doesn't have quite enough star power to lead a DCEU installment of its own. While he has a ton of fans from his work on both Supernatural and Gilmore Girls, he's not exactly a bonafide movie star. And with DCEU leads including Ben Affleck, Amy Adams, Margot Robbie, and Will Smith, it seems like the shared universe is going for A-listers. There's already been campaigns for Matt Damon to play Robin or Nightwing, so maybe Affleck will be able to convince his buddy to join the fray.

In the comics, Nightwing's real name is Dick Grayson. The original Robin, Grayson eventually grows up and becomes his own hero, rather than simply a sidekick for Batman. He's the protector of the city of Bludhaven, though he's usually very involved in Batman's attempts to keep Gotham City safe. And in some universes, he even takes on the role of Batman for times at a time.

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