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The Oscars Best Picture disaster might have only happened just a few days ago, but in today's hectic 24-hour news cycle where viral content spreads across the world like wildfire, countless spoofs, jokes and memes poking fun at the incident have already been jettisoned across the web. Of course, the late night hosts have had a field day. Stephen Colbert, Conan O'Brien, Jimmy Fallon and even the man who was hosting the Oscars on the night, Jimmy Kimmel, have all lampooned the moment, and now The Late Late Show's James Corden has now joined in the fun, too. But rather than focusing on the Oscars ceremony, he went all out and dressed as Emma Stone's La La Land character to mourn the film's loss with La La Land Audition: James Corden's Ode To The Oscars.

Kudos, Mr Corden. Kudos. Not just because it's an ingenious and highly original way of cracking wise about the mortifying incident, but also because it's hugely impressive that they were able to write, shoot and create the above clip less than 24 hours after the incident took place. It's also further evidence of just how supremely talented James Corden is at mixing singing and comedy. Something that, for the most part, his renditions on Carpool Karaoke have proven.

During the skit, James Corden and his writing team on The Late, Late Show were able to throw in some hilarious jabs about the incident, too. The most prominent of which is the suggestion that Warren Beatty is going a little blind, which might be the reason why he wasn't able to immediately decipher that he actually had the Best Actress card in his hand rather than Best Picture.

Obviously the blame for the debacle doesn't rest solely at Warren Beatty's feet. In fact, in the grand scheme of things he's probably only 5% to blame, with Faye Dunaway taking up 10% for actually blurting out La La Land as the winner, while PricewaterhouseCoopers accountant Brian Cullinan, the man who handed out the wrong card to Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty, deserves at least 85% of the blame. Of course, as it's just an awards show, he shouldn't be hung, drawn and quartered for his mistake. But since we're laying out accountability, let it be known that it was mostly his fault.

As well as the joke about Warren Beatty possibly being blind, the other highlight from James Corden's skewered version of La La Land's Audition scene was the line, "This result doesn't seem right, Oscars used to be so white." Which was then perfectly complimented with the image of the 2016 acting Oscar winners Brie Larson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Rylance and Alicia Vikander, to immediately generate many lols.

We can expect to see umpteen videos mocking the infamous Oscar moment over the coming days, weeks, months and maybe even years. Because it's not likely to be forgotten anytime soon.

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