New Beauty And The Beast Clip Shows Beast’s Poor Attempt At A Dinner Invitation

Here's a life lesson for all of you reading this: if you lock a woman in your castle, she probably won't be all that receptive when you later want to dine with her. Now you know, but for the transformed Beast in the upcoming Beauty and the Beast remake, he's learning this as he goes along, as you can see in the latest clip from the live action remake with his unsuccessful attempt to invite Belle to dinner.

Just like in the 1991 animated movie, the new Beauty and the Beast depicts Belle as being trapped within the Beast's castle in exchange for her father, Maurice, going free. However, just because she agreed to stay there for her father's sake doesn't mean she has to stick around. While she's trying to make her escape down the castle using tied sheets dangling from her bedroom window, Beast is doing a horribly poor job of inviting her to dinner on the other side of the door in the clip, noting that her presence "isn't a request." His enchanted servants, like Lumiere the candelabra and Mrs. Potts the teapot, do their best to get him to cool off and work the charm, but he's successful with neither. That forced smile is especially creepy. Even though this Beauty and the Beast will be overall faithful to its animated predecessor, I wouldn't be surprised if one of the differences in this new version is if Beast breaks the door down when Belle doesn't come out, otherwise she'll likely make a break for it.

Disney has been having good luck lately with their live action remakes of classic animated movies, like Cinderella and The Jungle Book. Beauty and the Beast looks like it will continue that trend, not just because of how closely it resembles Disney's original take on the fairy tale, but it's projected to earn approximately $120 million domestically in its opening weekend. If that's not a success, I don't know what is. As mentioned earlier, though, there will be some differences in this version, which every good remake should have. For instance, Stanley Tucci will play a new enchanted character named Cadenza, and today it was revealed that Josh Gad's version of LeFou will be gay, a first for a Disney movie.

Beauty and the Beast will work its magic in theaters on March 17, and keep checking in here for more updates on the movie and our review in the near future.

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