Beauty And The Beast Belle In The Workshop

While it's not quite summer in the air just yet, you could be fooled to think that Hollywood wasn't a couple of months ahead of the curve. This is especially true for the month of March, where Logan is delivering a ticket taking payday that's got Fox feeling like it's Memorial Day weekend already. But Disney looks like they'll be breaking out the sunblock themselves, as Beauty and The Beast has just bested some key metrics in Fandango's history as a ticket seller. Most importantly, it's the fastest selling family film in Fandango history, beating the record set as recently as last year's Finding Dory.

Not shy to broadcast the figures of Disney's latest live-action adaptation, Fandango provided more hype for the film today by dropping a press release showcasing the milestones Bill Condon's musical has already set. They are:

Beauty and The Beast is the fastest selling family film of all time.

It's also the third highest anticipated film of the year, giving Disney the perfect trifecta with Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 taking the two top spots before it.

But perhaps the greatest achievement that Belle, The Beast, and the entire kingdom can celebrate is the fact that their tale as old as time is outpacing the sales for Captain America: Civil War from last year.

So what does this say for Disney's latest big ticket fairy tale? Well, it looks like they'll be heading to another banner year of box office receipts, as the three films of theirs that have topped the list of 2017's most awaited films are all primed to take home huge paydays of their own. But Beauty and The Beast looks like it'll be an extremely huge home run, with a projected opening weekend of $120 million, and advanced screenings already captivating the minds of some critics and fans. With live-action adaptations continuing to build a good name for themselves after The Jungle Book's unexpected fortunes, as well as the film positioning itself ahead of Captain America: Civil War in sales, there's a chance this could be the highest grossing film of the year.

Of course, there's also a chance that Beauty and The Beast may not enchant enough audience members before the proverbial "last petal" falls. While there's been some grand praise for the film in advanced circles, there have been some damning criticisms that have put the film on notice. Those who aren't very impressed with the film have gone on record as stating that it basically does nothing to improve the story, caters only to fans of the source, and in the worst cases is a bloated project of excess. Then again, folks have been railing on comic book movies and the entirety of the Transformers franchise with the same tenacity, so really how much could these concerns hurt?

We'll see if audiences find something there that wasn't there before, or if crowds decide to kill The Beast, when Beauty and The Beast makes us all its guest on March 17.

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