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Award shows follow the same procedure. A category comes up, the nominees are read, there's a beat or two for dramatic effect, the winner is read and the lucky person comes on stage to give their thanks. Simple, right? Well, sometimes things don't work out as planned, either unintentionally or on purpose. As an example of the latter, Ryan Gosling recently accepted an award for La La Land, but it wasn't the actor who came up to take the honor. It was an impostor! Skip to the 2:25 mark to watch the moment.

You're probably now wondering what the hell just exactly happened. To set the stage, that event was the Goldene Kamera Awards, one of Germany's most prestigious award ceremonies. According to THR, La La Land won the prize for best international film, and the Golden Kamera organizers believed that they'd actually secured Ryan Gosling to come on stage and accept the award. Instead, they got Ludwig Lehner, a cook from Munich who bares some resemblance to Gosling, but is by no means a doppelgänger. Still, if you happened to be deceived by this charlatan, it was clear Lehner wasn't the real deal when he started speaking in a heavy German accent. Some of the other Hollywood actors in attendance, like Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell, knew right away that wasn't Gosling.

It turns out this was a prank plotted by German comedians Joko Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf (both of whom Faux Gosling thanked in his brief speech) for their TV show Circus Halligalli. Back in January, the comedians set up a fake booking agency called Conrad, Hertz & Gravemann, and contacted the Golden Camera people to let them know that Ryan Gosling would be at a shoot in Hamburg and would like to attend the ceremony. Wait, it gets weirder. Winterscheidt and Heufer-Umlauf also provided demands Golden Kamera had to agree to in order to have "Ryan Gosling"; he would not walk the red carpet or talk to the host beforehand, he would be surrounded by private security and his presence at the ceremony would not be announced until the broadcast. Clearly nothing about this sounded strange to the Golden Kamera people because they completely fell for the ruse, and the result is the moment seen above. After Ludwig Lehner left the stage, the host of the ceremony simply said, "Sorry, there's been a mistake."

While this moment won't go down as the biggest awards show flub of 2017 (that honor belongs to the Academy Awards Best Picture fiasco), this was still a pretty good prank. I'm astounded that the Golden Kamera didn't take measures to figure out if this Ryan Gosling legitimate or not. At the very least they could have met with the "actor" beforehand the cameras started rolling. But hey, at least we got a few minutes of amusement out of their failure to look more closely into the situation.

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