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Get Out And Jordan Peele Just Made Movie History

With blockbuster movies like Logan and Kong: Skull Island hitting the screens, smaller movies are beginning to be forgotten. However, Get Out continues to be successful and it just made history. Get Out just crossed the $100 million mark at the box office, a feat which Jordan Peele is the first African-American writer/director to have achieved with his debut film.

Get Out has been so strongly praised that it currently sits on Rotten Tomatoes with a single negative review. Not only has the film been popular with critics but fans as well have flocked to see the film over the last three weeks. While Get Out's opening weekend of $33 million wasn't on par with larger movies, the film simply hasn't seen the significant week to week drop off that other movies see. While Logan opened bigger, it saw a drop of over 50% in its second weekend. For comparison, Get Out only saw a 15% drop in week two. The numbers have been much more consistent for Get Out over the last three weeks, making getting to the $100 million mark almost look easy.

Jordan Peele

As The Wrap points out, horror movies usually see the vast majority of their business in the opening weekend; therefore, Get Out's staying power has been unusual for its genre. This also led to a second box office record. Get Out has become the fastest movie to reach $100 million for production company Blumhouse, it was able to hit the mark in 16 days, three days faster than Split which was released earlier this year. Who'd have thought Blumhouse would be the company to beat in early 2017?

The topic now inevitably turns to what's next for Jordan Peele. The man made his name in the world of sketch comedy with his partner Keegan-Michael Key but now he's one of the most successful film directors in Hollywood. Get Out's performance is the sort of thing that gets noticed and gets you job offers. Will he be handed a major horror franchise or a studio tentpole movie? It wouldn't be surprising to hear something big come up as Peele's next directorial effort.

All is not said and done for Get Out at the box office either. The film was number three in North America behind the two major releases Kong: Sull Island and Logan and even with another big movie, Beauty and the Beast, ready to come out, Get Out will probably still put up another decent number this weekend. The film also has yet to see any release overseas and while it's unlikely that Get Out will be a huge international movie, its subject matter is uniquely American, anything it does at this point is just gravy. Get Out had a $4 million budget which means that it may also end up being one of the most profitable movies of the entire year.

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