No, He Shouldn't

Unlike the other major MCU heroes, Peter Parker is still a minor. When he's not swinging around protecting people, he's going to high school, doing homework, hanging out with friends and trying to keep some semblance of a normal life. Unmasking to the public would throw all that out the proverbial window and likely cause Peter more harm than good, especially since he also has to worry about not endangering Aunt May. Besides, despite his aloof nature around Peter, Tony Stark obviously cares about the teenager and wants to protect him, so the billionaire industrialist would hammer it into his protege that revealing his identity would be a huge mistake. This may also be a way to put a twist on an element from the Ultimate Spider-Man universe, where S.H.I.E.L.D. couldn't force Peter to reveal his identity until he turned 18. Now that the Sokovia Accords have been passed, maybe something similar could prevent Peter from revealing himself as Spider-Man to the entire world.

It's also important to remember that when Peter Parker unmasked during the Civil War comic book story, that came after decades of stories, and he was an adult by that point. There was much more weight behind the moment, but for the MCU, we haven't nearly had enough time with this version of Peter, so such a reveal wouldn't be nearly as interesting. Perhaps most importantly at all, keeping at least one MCU hero with a secret identity would make Spider-Man stand out even more among the crowd. Not that he isn't popular enough, of course.

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