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The last several weeks have been really kind to movies fans, as big movies like Logan and Kong: Skull Island have managed to capture huge viewership. This weekend, however, the older-skewing movies are going to have to compete against family-friendly fare like Beauty and the Beast. And Wolverine, at least, is ready for the challenge. You can take a look at Logan's latest and I daresay excellent TV spot, below.

The latest clip mashes some cute, fairy-tale esque movie music up with a shot of a limo filled with "belles" in lovely gowns ready for a night on the town. The Logan savvy will recognize this as a clip of Wolverine working the limo circuit in the movie. Then, the trailer mentions that while many people might be looking to see the Disney classic come to life in live action, the real value is in seeing Wolverine kick ass.

The tagline?

Some want to see The Beauty, but you should see The Beast.

Although I'm a big fan of both Logan and Beauty and the Beast, this marketing is really top notch and might actually go so far as to entice me to catch Logan for a second time this weekend. Even if I don't, this is a brilliant TV spot, both intimating there's a rivalry between Logan and Beauty and the Beast and getting us pumped for why Logan is a totally different experience than the family-friendly Disney flick. To be completely honest, Logan's audience shouldn't have that much overlap with the Emma Watson and Luke Evans starrer, simply because one movie is R-rated while the other one is suitable for kids.

Regardless, Beauty and the Beast is still expected to have a doozy of a weekend at the box office, and there's anticipation it could pull in more than $200 million counting the overseas box office. Logan has also done really well at the theater over the last couple of weekends and has broken records in its own right, and is likely looking to get some carryover again this weekend, even if it won't be able to beat out the weekend total of some of the other films. As the trailer itself seems to be noting, Logan may not be able to beat Beauty and the Beast, but it can offer an alternative.

By now you've probably seen a slew of trailers for Beauty and the Beast and Logan alike, so you should have some grasp over which of the films--or maybe both--that are up your alley. Still, there's something about one movie teasing another that is infinitely likable and we're happy Logan rolled with it. Beauty and The Beast officially is scheduled for March 17, 2017. To find out what other movies are headed to the theater soon, take a look at our full guide.

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