The Logan Trailer Is Brutal, Vicious and Outstanding

The past two weeks have been excellent for fans who are eagerly awaiting the third Wolverine spinoff, Logan. Reports have painted a rough picture of what the story will be about and official photos have made it clear this will be a bleak tale. That said, words and images don't compare to the joy one feels when seeing the first trailer for a highly-anticipated blockbuster, and following yesterday's six-second tease, Logan's trailer has finally arrived. Check it out!

Now THAT is how you do a trailer. From the opening chords of Johnny Cash's 2002 recording of Hurt, the tone and tenor of a damaged, suffering Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) immediately are established. Even as the broken and faded voice of Professor Charles Xavier croaks in the background asking Logan what he has done, we know that our beloved anti-hero isn't going to be the shining beacon of hope that the X-Men have needed him to be for decades.

That's because in this brutal reality, mutants are gone. Logan has persevered, likely due to his natural healing factor (his true mutant power). Xavier lives, but Logan appears to be keeping him on life support in a protected bunker. Gone are the days of the plush Xavier Mansion, or the powerful mutants school for gifted children. This is a desolate, post-apocalyptic landscape, and Logan director James Mangold seems to want to drop his main character into a bloody western, not a bright and shining superhero adventure.

Which, if you know anything about Wolverine from the pages of Marvel's popular comic books, is perfectly in line with the type of story the third and final solo movie for this hero should tell. This won't be all doom and gloom, however. (This isn't DC, after all!) There's a young girl -- presumably X23 -- who is just like Logan. She needs his help. We know that X23, in the comics, has claws similar to Wolverine's, and a healing factor. Is this her claws that Logan is defending himself against in this shot?

Wolverine Claws

There are a lot of questions remaining from the Logan trailer. The villain appears to be Donald Pierce (played by Boyd Holbrook), and Pierce looks to have an army of armed guards known as Reavers. However, ever though Hugh Jackman looks advanced in age here -- and his body is now able to be scarred -- this is NOT the traditional Old Man Logan storyline from the comic books... something I think people who might be heading to a book store this weekend should know before they grab that graphic novel hoping to learn more details about the third and final Wolverine movie.

Logan claws its way into theaters on March 3, 2017.

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Sean O'Connell
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