What Rob Gronkowski's You Can't Have It Co-Star Thought Of His Acting Performance

rob gronkowski in you can't have it

When most of us think of Rob Gronkowski, images of Patriots uniforms and Gronk spikes are usually the first things that come into mind. Regardless, Rob Gronkowski has quietly been taking on a slew of film roles of late, including one in the upcoming flick You Can't Have It, appearing opposite Joanna Krupa. The actress recently spoke out about Gronkowski's abilities on the set, and it looks like he may have spent more time looking at the ladies than actually practicing for the role. Here's what she had to say.

Well I mean, considering he was probably the only person that we had to take retake after retake for his one line... I dunno, I think he was too busy focusing on the hot girls on set. He seemed like a very nice guy, but Oscar-worthy, I don't know.

I love how Joanna Krupa does that pseudo-cute girl thing where she tries to turn a full-on insult into a compliment by calling Rob Gronkowski a nice guy at the end. It's great that he's a nice dude and all, but according to what Krupa told TMZ, he really, really can't act. This probably won't be a huge issue for You Can't Have It, as she also mentions that Rob Gronkowski only has a small part in the film. Still, if you are trying to get more roles in the future, maybe hitting on anything with smoldering eyes and boobs is not the way to go about it.

I'm not sure I was expecting Joanna Krupa to shout Gronkowski's accolades when she was asked about the gig, but this is still -- mostly -- a markedly honest answer, and I'm really happy she gave it. It's not super often that athletes really translate well when they get into the acting business. And yes, I'm currently thinking of that Ryan Lochte 30 Rock cameo. Still, I see why these opportunities happen for athletes. Although there are plenty of meh examples of athlete cameos, you also occasionally get credible performances, like John Cena and LeBron James in Trainwreck. Even rarer, some athletes are eventually able to become huge names, as Dwayne Johnson did as he realized he could be as good at acting--if not better--than he was at wrestling.

You Can't Have It is not the only movie Rob Gronkowski is expected to appear in coming up. In fact, he's already appeared in American Violence and is anticipated to be in the upcoming films The Clapper and Deported, too. Hopefully, he had less trouble on those sets than he did around Joanna Krupa and co. Practice makes perfect, or at least can help athletes to get better at the whole acting thing.

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