Apparently, Shaun Of The Dead Was Partly Based On Nick Frost's Real Zombie Survival Plan

Nick Frost and Simon Pegg in Shaun of the Dead

Nick Frost is known for his work with his real-life friend Simon Pegg and the two were introduced to a global audience together thanks to films like Shaun of the Dead. As ridiculous as that film was, it seems that some of it was based on Frost's actual plans for the end of the world. Many of us have probably considered what we would do if things got really bad, but apparently, Frost and Pegg had really discussed what they would do in the event of living dead uprising and those conversations informed much of the film. According to Nick Frost...

Shaun of the Dead, part of that was based on the out that me and Simon [Pegg] had, should the zombie apocalypse happen. Believe it or not, I do oddly have an out. There's a little place where I sometimes go and walk the dog, where I think I could probably hide a tent. There's a river there; I could fish. My son's mother, her family has a house on a very small island on the Baltic Sea, so I think that would also be a boat home.

Zombies have been a phenomenon in pop culture, that, well, just won't seem to die. Between movies and TV the concept of the end of the world coming about due to the dead coming to life seems to be everywhere. Even before Shaun of the Dead was a movie this was the case. It's honestly not all that surprising that a couple of friends would find themselves talking about what they would do if the dead walked the Earth. Of course, when one of those friends is a writer, you have to be prepared that your comments become movies.

Based on Nick Frost's comments to Inverse, apparently, the two came up with a plan that to handle zombies that directly informed the movie. So, we're led to believe that their ideas were to barricade a local pub and just hang out there. It's not the worst idea we could think of, the place would have food which is, of course, important. Depending on the location it could be a very defensible position, it would depend on the specific pub in question. It's probably a better plan in England than it would be here. So many of the pubs are sold old that the buildings would be quite sturdy, a benefit we simply wouldn't have.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Nick Frost's current apocalyptic "out" where he would apparently live a rural life sleeping in a tent and fishing, at least until he could find a boat to get him to the Baltic Sea. It sounds like a wonderful plan, though one would think the zombies would find you there eventually and so a strong defense would still be needed.

What's your zombie survival plan? Let us know in the comments.

Dirk Libbey
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