A Fire Broke Out On The Robin Hood Studio Set

Jamie Foxx

Accidents and issues on sets happen more often than we would like to think, and we often only hear about the big ones, including the time the lead from The Maze Runner series was injured on set or the time the crew member died on the set of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. The latest set to be affected was Robin Hood when a fire broke out in a warehouse owned by Korda Film Studio located 30 kilometers west of Budapest. The good news? No one was injured in the fire, although the same can not be said for the sets themselves.

Per reports, a fire broke out on Tuesday, March 21 while 30-40 people were working in the building. By the time firefighters reached the scene, Daily News Hungary reports that the roof was warped, and those near the set said that meant the fire had produced an excess of heat. As noted prior, while all of the people were able to get out, a lot of stuff was destroyed. This includes props, scenery and event paint, which all caught fire in the six big sound stages that were being used to shoot some big budget productions, including Robin Hood, which was reportedly being shot at the time of the fire. Blade Runner 2049 is also reportedly being shot on the lot.

This is different than the footage that was running around a few weeks ago from the Robin Hood set, which showed the production team burning down the Nottingham set in what looked to be a controlled fire.

We know the upcoming film is supposed to be a "gritty take" on the Robin Hood character we've come to know and love from literature and pop culture, but when we though gritty, we weren't really considering a real-life fire as a possibility. We're just happy those working in the building and on the various sets are OK.

The Korda film studio is actually notable because one of its six film studios is among the largest in the world. So far, we don't have any information on when productions could potential resume in the building and whether or not sets already erected will be able to be salvaged. Reports do indicate that the roof was saved on the building, despite the high heat, so that's something. We'll keep you posted regarding any fire-related updates that come our way.

In the meantime, here's hoping that the rest of the Robin Hood production goes off without a hitch. Currently Mid Atlantic Films' movie is scheduled to be released on March 23, 2018, so there's time before the movie is scheduled. While we wait, take a look at what other movies are headed to theaters soon.

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