The following contains spoilers for the new live-action Beauty and the Beast. Even if you've seen the original, animated, Disney movie, there are spoilers here.

The original animated Disney classic Beauty and the Beast is, in many ways, a perfect film. However, the story isn't without a handful of plot holes. In its compact 90-minute run time, the film simply doesn't have the time to go into details on many of the characters and their history. The new version, directed by Bill Condon, seemed to know this going in and it did its part to answer some of our more burning questions.

Many of the additions to the live-action Beauty and the Beast are specifically dedicated to answering questions that many of us had about the Beast, Belle, and all the other characters we love. Here are all the answers we have to our questions from the tale as old as time.

Why Didn't Anybody Remember A Prince Lived Nearby?

The title "prince" is not some random noble title. A prince is a son of a king, and a king is a ruler. The people who lived in that castle were clearly rulers over the little town that Belle and her father lived in, the castle wasn't even that far away, so why didn't anybody know it was there? In the new movie, we learned that part of the curse actually affected the villagers as well, as their memories were wiped of any memory of the prince or his castle. Which, among other things, left poor Mr. Potts at loose ends, apparently for years.

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