How It Feels To Play Belle In Beauty And The Beast, According To Emma Watson

Beauty and the Beast

There are few characters bigger in pop culture than the Disney princesses. They're icons to millions. However, the vast majority of them have never actually been played on screen before. Emma Watson will be the first to play Disney's Belle as a live-action character. The pressure of such a role is not lost on her. She knows that lots of people are expecting a lot out of her and the new Beauty and the Beast . However, it seems that Watson herself may be the one expecting the most.

It feels like a lot of pressure. Don't screw this up, because I love it so much. It means a lot to me.

The statement comes from a behind-the-scenes- interview that Emma Watson did with the Disney Channel (via She's asked what it feels like to be part of a Disney story that's so beloved. It's not surprising she says there's a lot of pressure. In addition to Beauty and the Beast being a popular tale in its own right, this particular Disney live-action fairy tale will be the first to follow directly in its predecessor's footsteps and be a full musical. Previously, live-action films like Maleficient and The Jungle Book may have had some breathing space because they were never trying to recreate exactly what the animated version was. Beauty is taking an animated movie that was nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards and is trying to make something at least as good, if not better.

Fans can probably find some solace in the fact that Emma Watson herself is a fan of the movie. She wants her own performance to be good too, not simply because she wants to do her job well, but as a fan, she understands what the role means to all the other fans out there. She knows she's going to be scrutinized because let's face it, Disney fans can get a little obsessive, but she wants to do the movie justice. Check out her full comments below.

While our only indications of Emma Watson's performance are a few scenes from trailers, it's hard to argue that the new live-action movie has missed a beat in its attempt to recreate the magic of the original. So many of the shots look like they are the animated film come to life. While we've only heard a little bit of Emma Watson's voice when it comes to the songs, that small tease has been right on the money. We'll finally get to see the whole thing when Beauty and the Beast hits screens March 17.

Dirk Libbey
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