The Surprising Amount Of Power Rangers Movies That Might Be Headed To Theaters

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When it comes to blockbuster franchises, studios typically have the (bad) habit of thinking about future films before nailing down the first one. There's always talk of what comes next, and now it seems like Power Rangers is no different. The adaptation of the classic kid's television show opened this weekend, and Lionsgate has already got a rough roadmap of future films. Power Rangers is a massive brand spanning over 800 episodes of content, and a simple trilogy of films apparently just isn't enough. Ambition is the name of the game and this is how many more Power Rangers films fans can expect:

We already have a six-movie story arc.

This quote comes from Haim Saban, the producer who brought Power Rangers to the states and cemented it as a phenomenon. His ambition can't be understated, and he told Variety that he already has a roadmap for five more films in the newly minted film franchise, bringing the total up to six. Saban didn't disclose exactly what these plans entail, but with 24 different series to choose from, there's certainly no shortage of inspiration to choose from. We heard something similar to this a few months ago, and whatever plans they currently have are probably not too specific. Plus, plans tend to change on the long road of movie making anyway.

Directed by Dean Israelite, Power Rangers re-introduces the classic 1993 Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers lineup, complete with a revamped origin and an updated tone. More serious than its campy TV counterpart, the film hopes to appease both nostalgic older fans and introduce a whole new generation of kids to the Power Rangers. That's a very nice sweet spot to hit, and it makes sense that more films would be on the way to take advantage of this new audience.

As for what these next few years of Power Rangers films could look like, there's no shortage of options. They could continue the story of the Mighty Morphin' team, which in the show, saw Rangers come and go in a revolving lineup. They could very well opt for something similar, or just stick with the main crew. This mostly fresh-faced cast has great chemistry and their interactions together are the highlights of the movie, so here's hoping we stay with these guys for a long while. Lionsgate, Saban, and Dean Israelite have created something interesting here, and if they solidify their legs a little bit, this could be a very cool franchise to pay attention to.

Power Rangers opened this weekend, so you can all judge for yourself whether or not this is a franchise you'd like to see more of. There's bound to be some sequel announcements coming up, so stay tuned to CinemaBlend and we'll keep you updated as new information becomes available.

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