Val Kilmer Is A Really Big Cate Blanchett Fan And He Just Won't Stop Talking About It

Cate Blanchett

Everyone has a celebrity that he or she has a crush on. You spend enough time fanboying or fangirling over someone; eventually, you're going to develop a minor infatuation. As it turns out, other celebrities aren't exempt from that phenomenon. Val Kilmer has been tweeting about his love for Cate Blanchett over the course of the last few days, and the results are nothing less than social media magic. Check out one of his posts below.

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As Val Kilmer points out in that tweet: he is not a complete stranger to Cate Blanchett. The two have worked together on two separate occasions, in The Missing, as well as Terrence Malick's new film Song to Song. Apparently, Cate Blanchett is so good as an actress that the simple act of picking up a shovel can force her costars to forget their lines. That definitely bodes well for her performance as Hela in Thor: Ragnarok, doesn't it?

Of course, that's not the only tweet that Val Kilmer posted about Cate Blanchett. Before that tweet, he went off on an explanation of how Blanchett is the sort of celebrity who has the power to completely entrance you in person.

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I suppose that Val Kilmer is only practicing what he preaches with these tweets about Cate Blanchett. Prior to his tweet storm about the beloved actress, he retweeted a notable quote from a Mark Twain Twitter account that should've immediately tipped us off about his upcoming social media confession.

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Those tweets seem relatively innocuous and innocent, but they're merely two posts out of an entire deleted tweet storm posted by Val Kilmer in recent days. His posts included mentions of having dreams about Cate Blanchett (sans her husband), and a flurry of tweets defending his personal obsession with her. In fact, one of his deleted tweets even related a story about flying to Australia to meet with Blanchett -- only to be intercepted by her husband. That being said, I can't say that I blame him. Cate Blanchett truly is that amazing. How could you not be obsessed with her?

Reactions to this social media obsession have been generally mixed online. On the one hand, some members of the Twitter community are understandably puzzled by the former Batman's out of nowhere tweet storm about Ms. Blanchett. On that other hand, many other people have found the humor of it -- recognizing that they totally line up with Kilmer's somewhat bizarre reputation. It all really depends on how seriously you want to take Kilmer.

You can catch Val Kilmer and Cate Blanchett in Terrence Malick's Song to Song in theaters right now. For more information related to the rest of this year's most highly anticipated theatrical debuts, make sure to take a look at our movie premiere guide.

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