Screenwriters tend not to get the credit that they deserve in Hollywood these days, with only a few ever actually becoming households names. Arguably the most well-known and beloved screenwriter of the modern age is Aaron Sorkin -- the man behind modern classics like The Social Network and A Few Good Men. Sorkin has made a name for himself as one of the best writers in film and television, so imagine our surprise when we learned that he had set up meetings with DC and Marvel. That's right folks, Aaron Sorkin is possibly going to write a superhero movie at some point in the near future.

If Aaron Sorkin indeed is considering getting into the superhero business, then there is only one character that he should be looking at right now: Green Arrow. Oliver Queen seems like a character who is tailor made for Aaron Sorkin's particular screenwriting sensibilities, and as such we have compiled a list of reasons why a potential Green Arrow movie is the perfect project for this legendary (and endlessly prolific) scribe. Take a look at our arguments, and let us know which comic book hero you would like to see Aaron Sorkin get involved with. Now, on that note, let's kick this off with one of the most controversial aspects of Oliver Queen: his politics.

Sorkin Knows How To Write Politically Charged Stories

Regardless of your own political affiliation, it's impossible to divorce Oliver Queen from his personal political ideology. His far left, radical sensibilities came into play during the 1960s, and they are what set The Emerald Archer apart from other billionaire vigilantes in the comic book world. Whether or not comic book movies should come with political arguments is obviously a long-running debate in the online community, but it would be hard to imagine a Green Arrow movie without centering on that fundamental aspect of the character. Aaron Sorkin has never shied away from including this type of political rhetoric in his screenplays, and his work on projects like The Newsroom and The West Wing undoubtedly served as perfect practice runs to take a crack at the comic book world's most iconic liberal icon. It would be as if Jed Barlet picked up a bow and arrow and went to work on corruption.

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