Some Genius Turned The IT Trailer Into A Terrifying Cat In The Hat Movie

It The Cat In The Hat Mashup Slide

IT has broken records on the internet with its first teaser trailer, proving that fear of clowns and Stephen King monsters are still strong with the internet. But there's only one concept that could beat Pennywise's fear factor easily. Replace the supernatural clown with Mike Myers' performance in The Cat In The Hat, and you're not only going to get a couple of laughs, but a decent amount of scares too. You can watch the video mashing the two concepts up below, at the risk of your own sanity and noise level.

Blame YouTube user "But Without," as they decided that pairing one of this year's most anticipated films with one of the most infamous box office disasters of the early aughts was a grand idea. Sure enough, IT does play rather well with The Cat In The Hat, as the makeup Mike Myers wore throughout that film turned the beloved childhood icon into a garish sight to see. What helps, though, is the fact that Pennywise is seen mostly in the shadows, so the digital trickery used to insert The Cat in The Hat into the trailer already had its work cut out for it. So it's pretty close to a seamless experience.

Watching The Losers Club kids square off against The Cat In The Hat is something that, believe it or not, feels very Stephen King. With the theme of childhood trauma and its lasting effects into adulthood recurring a lot in his body of work, King's Derry feels like the perfect place for The Cat to roll in when it is wet and the sun's not sunny. Though if you're not careful, you might find yourself on the business end of his hijinks, which could result in property damage, age inappropriate innuendo, or in the most extreme cases, your untimely death via theme park product placement. And you thought getting eaten alive was the worst result.

As a final take away, we'd like to share that this IT mashup has inspired two very distinct thoughts among our numbers. Not only do we want to see the 2017 remake even more now that it's been remixed with Mike Myers' scary visage, but we kind of want to see Stephen King tackle a full novel involving an errant children's story icon. It did work in the short form with his Dark Tower children's tie-in, Charlie The Choo Choo, and could you imagine reading through a particularly chilling novel, only to see images similar to the one below flashing through your mind?

IT arrives in theaters on September 8th, or in your nightmares tonight, depending on personal preference/tolerance for clowns.

Mike Reyes
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