Watch An Actress Smash A Producer’s Windshield Over A Nude Scene

Before starring in Blind Love, Kazakhstan pop star and actress Sivi Makhmoudi was given assurances by producer Renat Basit that her nude scenes would not make the final cut of the film. So when Basit negated on this promise, Makhmoudi decided to immediately seek retribution in the shape of repeatedly attacking his car with a golf club and causing a tremendous amount of damage. The fact that she did just that in the middle of a busy Kazakh street meant that plenty of people caught Makhmoudi getting her small ounce of revenge, and now the footage has gone viral. You can watch it for yourself below.

Now, if the above is true and Renat Basit did include nude footage of Sivi Makhmoudi in Blind Love against her wishes, then his car more than deserves the treatment it got. In fact, it probably actually got off a little lightly. But because of the savviness of movie producers and studios nowadays, and the manner in which they can exploit the internet to create viral stories that increase exposure and add traction to a film's release, there's every chance the above might actually be a carefully planned publicity stunt for Blind Love.

The speculation that the above was actually just that only increased after the incident, when Ardakti Ersibaeva, a spokeswoman for Blind Love, jumped at the opportunity to confirm that it was the result of a "conflict" between the pair that arose as a result of the film. According to the Daily Mail, Ardakit Ersibaeva even went as far as to confirm:

Renat Basit allowed parts of the movie that were banned by Ms Makhmoudi before it went out to retailers. She hadn't seen the final version and it's too late to change things now.

Of course, we don't actually know whether or not this scenario has been specifically choreographed just to promote Blind Love, or if Makhmoudi was just getting the revenge that she more than deserved. In fact, the only way we'll find out which scenario is true is if one of the parties involved decides to get all candid and confess, and that would only add further exposure to Blind Love.

But I have to admit that I find it particularly intriguing that there were two perfectly placed cameramen, each with their iPhones ready and at either side of Renat Basit's car when the incident unfolded. Sivi Makhmoudi's anger does appear to be genuine, though, as she got a lot of rage out of her system by pummeling on the car. But considering she's an actress, she might have just truly inhabited the role, and then put in her most convincing performance of her career. Either way, Blind Love just got a publicity bump that's made it the most famous cinematic export from Kazakhstan since Borat.

Gregory Wakeman